A-level Physics

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This A-level physics book is designed to follow the OCR GCE Physics A specification. For the OCR B 'Advancing Physics' specification, see A-level Physics (Advancing Physics). You can use this book as a revision guide, or as another explanation of concepts that you may not fully understand. At A2 level, in the second year of study, you must take the two core A2 modules along with one of the option modules.

Before you begin this course, it is recommended that you understand some of the basic concepts covered in GCSE Science, and have an understanding of the SI unit system (Appendix A).

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The old syllabus for Physics A had the following modules:

AS Modules

A2 Core Modules

A2 Option Modules

You are only required to complete one of the optional modules.

The new specification contains the following modules

AS New Specification Modules

  • Electrons, waves and photons
  • Mechanics

A2 New Specification Modules

In both AS and A2, practical modules have to be completed, consisting of qualitative, quantitative and evaluative sections.


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C