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24 Aug 2009

Zoph is an update of the stable 0.7 branch and fixes a cross site scripting security bug.


  • Fix for a cross site scripting bug that found during development of Zoph v0.8

Zoph 0.8pre2[edit]

8 July 2009

This is the second pre-release for 0.8, it fixes the bugs discovered since v0.8pre1, including the security bug.


  • Bug#2813464: Date link on photo page links to the wrong year
  • Bug#2813467: '+' links to expand date/time, ratings and tree view do not work anymore after a Googlemaps update
  • Fix for a cross site scripting bug that was reported by "y3nh4ck3r".
  • Fix for a bug that caused manually entered dates with webimport not to be used


2 July 2009

Zoph is an update of the stable 0.7 branch and fixes a cross site scripting security bug.


  • Fix for a cross site scripting bug that was reported by "y3nh4ck3r".

Zoph 0.8pre1[edit]

27 June 2009

Zoph 0.8pre1 is a prerelease (release candidate) for Zoph 0.8. It fixes a number of bugs from 0.7.5.


  • Fix for a bug that would give an error (or not execute without an error, depending on the situation) when an album is added to a photo. Bug found and fixed by Pekka Kutinlati.
  • Bug#2687577: Download link does not work in some cases
  • Bug#2720782: edit does not work after using back and forward buttons
  • Bug#2720807: Layout glitch on slideshow
  • Fixed two small issues in saved searches
  • Bug#2718812: Cannot assign someone as a father/mother/spouse when person does not yet appear on a photo.
  • Bug#2724768: Error in timezone code
  • Bug#2750454: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_photographer_search_array() in person.inc.php
  • Bug#2775190: Dropdown menu with people is not sorted by name.
  • Bug#2718814: Not possible to unset a relationship between persons.
  • Fixed a bug where the average rating would become 0 when the last rating for that photo was removed
  • Bug#2794052: Syntax error in timezone.inc.php when using PHP4
  • Bug#2803133: Making a category/album or place it's own parent causes out of memory error.
  • Bug#2804335: Division by zero error when importing JPG with zeroes in some of the EXIF fields.
  • Fix for a bug where the map on the photo page did not show the location of the photo if it is set on the location and not on the photo itself.
  • Fix for a bug where the map on the photo page did not show if the user is not using the 'auto-edit' feature.
  • Fix for a bug that caused a javascript error when title or address of a place contained quotes.


  • German, Canadian English, Danish, Dutch, Italian and Swedish Chef have been updated.
  • Added Finnish translation by Pekka Kutinlati.
  • Removed some empty translations from outdated translations


  • Removed zoph-0.3.3.postgress.diff from the contrib dir. It was too outdated to serve any purpose.

Zoph 0.7.5[edit]

14 March 2009

Zoph 0.7.5 is the last "feature release" before v0.8. This version introduces a few new features that will be present in the next "stable" version, 0.8. This release fixes a number of bugs from the earlier 0.7.x releases.


  • Bug#2465009, wrong counters for rating
  • Fixed a bug where a translated version of Zoph would not make a breadcrumb for search results.
  • Fixed: Timezone calculations are using local timezone instead of configured CAMERA_TZ.
  • Bug#2671365 Can not leave comments
  • Fixed a bug in zophImport.pl where --update could in some cases move a photo to a wrong location.


  • Added a feature where an admin user can check out the ratings a certain user has given, adds a graph similar to the one on the reports page to the user's page.
  • Admins can now see who has rated what per photo
  • Admins can delete ratings
  • IP address and date/time are now stored when rating
  • An admin can control wheter a user can rate photos or not.
  • Req#2126915: Allow a user to rate the same photo multiple times, but only once per IP addres, you can use this for the DEFAULT_USER or a user account that is shared among multiple people.
  • Improved error handling on erronous time or date. (timezone calculations)
  • Move all MySQL calls into database.inc.php, making adjusting to other db's easier, partly resolves Req#2464455
  • Req#1480136: Save search results
  • A list of all comments by a user is now shown in user profile.

Known issues[edit]

  • The translations have not yet been updated
  • Not all documentation is up to date

Zoph 0.7.4[edit]

22 December 2008

Zoph 0.7.4 is a "feature release", that introduces a few new features that will be present in the next "stable" version, 0.8. This release fixes a number of bugs from the earlier 0.7.x releases and specifically deals with some performance issues.


  • Bug#2044965: Assign timezone to all children only assigns timezone to direct children.
  • Bug#2044967: Better error handling for guess timezone functionality
  • Bug#1820234: Zoph shows places, categories and people for restricted users.
  • Bug#2059210: Overal bad performance: long loading times, autocomplete boxes taking forever, etc. This fix gives a giant improvement on zoph performance.
    • Simplified several SQL queries
    • Changed SQL queries so unused rows are now longer requested from the db
    • Changed SQL queries so records are no longer sorted when it is not needed
    • Changed autocomplete code so it was no longer necessary to load both autocomplete and legacy dropdowns (major improvement on loading the seachpage!)
  • Bug#2125858: table headers on user page swapped
  • Bug#2097894: Layout failure in bulk edit page when using MSIE
  • Bug#1706366: People slots feature is incompatible with autocomplete Also adds autocomplete support to several pages that did not have it before (only bulk edit page does not have autocomplete support yet)
  • Bug#2274989: When changing user, password is overwritten.
  • Bug#2275005: Photographers not in people list. People list not showing all people for admin users.
  • Bug#2373633: Counter on zoph.php wrong for non-admin users
  • Bug#2373609: Tree view shows all albums/categories/places
  • Bug#2315870: Layout glitch when using non-standard size thumbnails.
  • Bug#2438062: Zoph does not pick a different coverphoto for people if the assigned one is not visible for the user.


  • Req#2097906: Add "next" and "prev" links to edit photo page, when not using auto-edit feature
  • Req#1467095: Group access rights


  • Fixed some errors in translations (mostly extra spaces)
  • Updated Canadian English, Dutch and German translations


  • Removed 'smart_pulldown' code that was not used in most of the cases anyway, especially since autocomplete was added.
  • Created a script to automatically migrate from user-rights to group-rights. To be used with 0.7.3 to 0.7.4 or 0.7 to 0.8 migrations.

Zoph 0.7.3[edit]

24 July 2008

Zoph 0.7.3 is a "feature release", that introduces a few new features that will be present in the next "stable" version, 0.8. It also fixes some bugs from 0.7.1 and 0.7.2 Finally, it includes the bugfixes from This includes the security update.


  • Bug#1985434: a-z index for people doesn't work anymore.
  • Bug#2006151: one of the '+' buttons on the search page does not work
  • Bug#1987338: ZIP downloading feature does not work with PHP4
  • Bug#2006154: Case insensitive search for description field doesn't work
  • Bug#1985432: two different meanings for 'home'
  • Bug#1986847: wrong charset for French translation
  • Bug#1983556: It is not possible to unset many attributes once they have been set. Fix by Charles Brunet.
  • Bug#2015802: SQL error when inserting a new place
  • Bug#2012300: Missing linefeed on places page.
  • Bug#2015312: Wrong layout for 'work' field on person page.
  • Bug#2015346: Home location does not display the title
  • Bug#2015340: Deleting a person does not delete all references
  • Bug#2015348: Deleting a place does not remove all references to it
  • Bug#2021272: Crash when changing the parent of the root album
  • Bug#2022777: [person] tag is missing from pages feature
  • Bug#2021272: Crash when changing the parent of the root album


  • Req#1505552: Mapping support. You can now use maps to show the location of your photos, using the mapstraction api. There is support for Google, Yahoo and Openstreetmap maps.
  • Req#1586463: Time zone support. You can store information about the timezone where a photo was taken and have Zoph automatically compute the correct time for you.
  • Req#2006156: Increase length of title field for albums and categories
  • Req#2021275 Expand all button for tree view


Translations for Dutch, French, German and Polish have been updated


20 July 2008

Zoph is a security fix that repairs several SQL injections. Although most are not exploitable or only exploitable by an admin user, I recommend upgrading to This release also includes a number of extra 'safety nets' that will make exploiting any future SQL injections a lot harder.

It also fixes a number of bugs in the 0.7 release:

  • Bug#1813293: import is not compatible with PHP < 5
  • Bug#2006151: one of the '+' buttons on the search page does not work
  • Bug#2012300: Missing linefeed on places page.
  • Bug#2015312: Wrong layout for 'work' field on person page.
  • Bug#2015346: Home location does not display the title
  • Bug#2021272: Crash when changing the parent of the root album


3 June 2008

Zoph is a bugfix release for Zoph 0.7.2 it fixes the following issues:

  • Bug#1981910: Some files in the distribution for 0.7.2 are not the latest version
  • Bug#1820229: Some thumbs not displayed when user has no right to see them.
  • Bug#1813293: web import is not compatible with PHP < 5

Zoph 0.7.2[edit]

1 June 2008

Zoph 0.7.2 is a "feature release", that introduces a few new features that will be present in the next "stable" version, 0.8. It also fixes some bugs from 0.7.1. Finally, it includes the bugfixes from and


  • Bug#1819755: User that cannot see all albums does not always see all the albums he *is* allowed to see.
  • Bug#1820225: Restricted user can see the list of people.
  • Bug#1820229: User does not see all thumbs if he has not the right to see the manually assigned thumb.
  • Sometimes not all albums were shown and sortorder was not always correct.


  • Zophcode: Possibility to add markup and smileys to comments. Smileys were taken from PHPBB. (they are under GPL)
  • Patch#1923522 and Patch#1923525 Default language now configurable and logon screen translated. Thanks to Francisco Javier Félix for providing these patches.
  • Req#1928328: Use an alternating colour scheme to make it easier to keep the overview on the list of people. Thanks to Francisco Javier Félix for providing this.
  • Added Licence and some extra security to selection.inc.php (although there was no security isssue with this file, in case there will be one discovered in the future, it will be harder to exploit).
  • Moved the functionality from pager.inc.php to util.inc.php, so it is easier to re-use.
  • Added an admin page where administrator can manage settings. Replaced 'users' in the main menu with 'admin'.
  • Req#1506959: Zoph Pages feature that allows customization of the first page of an album/category/person/place.


  • Spanish was updated by Francisco Javier Félix
  • Canadian English, German and Dutch were updated


26 May 2008

This is a bugfix release that fixes a few bugs in the 0.7 release.

  • Bug#1923507: pleasewait.gif missing
  • Bug#1926107 SQL error because of dashed line in zoph.sql
  • Bug#1923955: photo x of y is not correctly translated
  • Bug#1928150: tree view shows a "+" even though the branch is already open
  • Bug#1928671: Notify mail doesn't work
  • Perl chokes when the .zophrc file ends with a negative assignment (" = 0"), adding "1;" to make sure it always ends "positively".
  • Bug#1964408 Garbled layout on prefs page.

Very small new feature: the photo is now shown when asking for confirmation of deletion


15 March 2008

This is a bugfix release that fixes a few bugs in the 0.7 release.

  • Bug#1856587: CSS fixes for MSIE rendering problems
  • Bug#1859100: zophImport.pl moves files to wrong dir when path is specified in filename
  • Bug#1840352: Ratings and Favourites do not always work correctly.

Zoph 0.7.1[edit]

21 Oct 2007

Zoph 0.7.1 is a "feature release", that introduces a few new features that will be present in the next "stable" version, 0.8. It also includes the bugfixes from and

  • It is now possible to define the position of the watermark.
  • Req#1713938: Zoph can now be configured to move an imported image instead of copying it. This saves you from having to clean up later. Default is to move the photo.
  • Req#1504375 You can now download a set (album, category, search result, ..) of photos in a ZIP file. The size of the ZIP file and the number of photos are configurable.
  • Req#1500560: For albums and categories, you can now set the desired sort order through preferences. (newest/oldest photo, first/last change, lowest/highest/avg rating, name, sortname). Sortname is a new field that you can use to sort on.
  • Req#1742672 Albums/Categories/Places now also have a thumbnail when the album itself does not have any photos, it picks a photo from one of it's subalbums/c/p
  • Info table now displays total size of photos in the most appropriate unit (KiB, MiB, GiB) instead of always in MiB


25 July 2007

  • Bug#1756660: Admin can not see details of places
  • Admin can not see details of people
  • Bug#1755325: Not possible to unset a coverphoto
  • Bug#1598437 A user can now only put photos into an album he has write permission to.
  • Bug#1760100: SQL script for new installations doesn't work.
  • Italian translation is now up to date


14 July 2007

  • Fix for a (non-exploitable) SQL injection error.

Zoph 0.7[edit]

1 July 2007


  • Bug#1745803: Layout problem on annotate photo page
  • Bug#1745795: Autocompletion navigation with keyboard did not handle "enter" right
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto thumbnail not to when user was not logged in as admin
  • Fixed a bug where a non-admin user would get the same thumbnail for ALL categories, regardless of whether this photo would actually be in that category.
  • Bug#1742676: Thumbnails show unexpected behaviour with insufficent rights.
  • Bug#1742674: An autocomplete field now advances to next field when "enter" is pressed.

Cleanup and various[edit]

  • Made several (small) changes to Dutch, German, Canadian English, French, Norwegian and Swedish Chef.
  • Updated Turkish and Danish

Zoph 0.7pre2[edit]

24 June 2007


  • Bug#1738931 View selection does not work for people
  • Capitalization error in places.php, albums.php, categories.php that caused translations not to work
  • Bug#1738592 Pressing enter in autocomplete field did not work
  • Bug#1738307: In some cases zophImport.pl would try to connect to the database before the db connection was made.
  • Fixed a layout-issue where in some cases the photo description would end up on an odd place on the page.

Cleanup and various[edit]

  • All languages have been updated. All duplicate and unused strings have been removed from the translation files. Dutch, German, Canadian English, French, Norwegian and even Swedish Chef (Bork! Bork! Bork!) are completely up to date now. Danish, Italian and Turkish are almost up to date.

Zoph 0.7pre1[edit]

02 June 2007

New Features[edit]

  • Req#722617: read/display/handle more/full exif data
  • Req#1260584: Javascript-based autocompletion for select-boxes.
  • Req#1478748 Now possible to search albums/categories/photographers/people by text instead of selecting from list.
  • Req#1491208: In albums/categories/places each link now shows the number of photos in that album and the number of photos in the album and the ones below it.
  • In albums and categories you now see the number of photos in the current album, as well as the number of photos in the current album and all albums below it (which was the only one shown up until now) - just like places has had since the previous version of Zoph
  • Req#1506959 (partly): Specify a coverphoto for albums, categories, people and places
  • Req#1511961: There are now 3 views for albums/categories/people/places: list (the "old" view), tree and thumbnail.
  • Automatically pick a coverphoto in thumbnail view for a/c/p/p when none has been picked.
  • Req#1709390: zophImport.pl: You can now set the defaults for dateddirs, copy, hierarchical and verbose through the .zophrc file. Thanks to Peter Farr for the patch.
  • Patch#1647439: zophImport.pl can now resolve symlinks before importing. Thanks to Peter Farr for the patch.


  • Bug#1564548, Bug#1725811: Bugs with slideshows showing an error
  • Bug#1568418: Pager links do not work in bulk edit page when no search criteria are used.
  • Bug#1571227: Webimport of ZIP files not working
  • Bug#1571577: Cannot login with DEBUG set
  • Bug#1571682: extra '/' in URL after logon
  • Bug#1574205: No "return" from edit page
  • Bug#1574206: Removing crumbs when on edit page does not correctily return
  • in some cases the second page of a search would change ">=" or "<=" into "=".
  • urls for places could not be longer than 32 chars.
  • Fix for a bug that made search behave incorrectly when text-search for a person did not return any people.
  • Bugfix for layout problem - sometimes the main window on the people page was not large enough to display all
  • Bug#1713946 Missing localized strings
  • Bug#1592560 Import fails when "path" field is empty
  • Bug#1598437 Import does not check if user can write to the selected album.
  • Patch#1713924: EXIF date/time priority, patch by Antoine Delvaux.

Cleanup and various[edit]

  • Lots of cleanout of HTML and CSS code. Now all unnecessary tables have been replaced by semantic HTML/CSS combinations.
  • Removed duplicate spaces in translation files.
  • Cleanout and getting rid of lots of (but not yet all) PHP warning messages.
  • Updated info page with new mailadress for Zoph
  • Changed "view" to "display" on the people page for consistancy reasons and to remove a translation problem (the word "view" is also used on the photo page, and has a different meaning there)
  • Dutch, German and French translation updated
  • changed some SQL syntax for speedup

Zoph 0.6[edit]

21 September 2006

  • Removed mailaddress of original Dutch translator on his request
  • Fixed: Rating links on reports page not working in translated Zoph version.
  • Updated Danish language file
  • Fixed: issues with LIKE searches (Bug#1541763)
  • Improved error handling in imports
  • Fixed an issue with imports not working on Windows systems (Bug#1527333)
  • Fixed: slideshow not working on search results (Bug#1562419)

Zoph 0.6pre2[edit]

13 July 2006

  • Updated translations: Dutch, English, German, Danish and Canadian English should be completely up to date now.
  • Fixed a layout glitch in the edit screen for places
  • Fixed missing translations in relation and selection features.
  • Fixed some incompatibilities with PHP4
  • Fixed an issue that caused guest users to be unable to logon.
  • Fixed an issue with trying to logon after a session timeout
  • Fixed an issue with search not working for translated Zoph versions
  • Fixed some issues in the SQL installation script, thanks to Ed P. for the patch.
  • Added partial Turkish translation, thanks to Mufit Eribol
  • Fixed and issue with auto-edit mode where you would not return to the correct photo after making a change.
  • Updated man pages for zophImport.pl and zophExport.pl
  • In the userlist, changed "view" to "display" for consistancy reasons and to remove a translation problem (the word "view" is also used on the photo page, and has a different meaning there)

Zoph 0.6pre1[edit]

4 June 2006

New features[edit]

  • It is now possible to leave comments with photos
  • You can select a photo to do certain actions with that selection.
  • You can now create links between photos. (Req#778845 (partly), Req#828750) (for now, this is the only feature that makes use of "selections")
  • Using external links to Zoph will now go to the login page and then to the requested URL. (Req#1443574)
  • Image service is now on by default
  • Possibility to overide sort order of photos in album (Req#665237)
  • Possibility to overide sort order of photos in category (similar to Req#665237)
  • Possibility to call albums and categories by name in URL instead of id. (Req#778024)
  • Made a small change to the menu: when hovering a menu-option, the layout changes to emulate a "tab"-like display (let me know if you like this!)
  • It is now longer required to be in the image dir to import a photo. (Req#853091)
  • ZophImport.pl and zophExport.pl now use and external file to store the configuration (like the Debian version of Zoph).
  • Quick navigation through locations. (Req#1417305)
  • The search page now has a "no children" checkbox next to albums, categories and places. (Req#1416195)
  • Add URL to places, so a link to -for example- a map can be made. (Req#1466069)


  • Include URL to Zoph in e-mails (Req#655957)
  • Tranlation fixes in define_annotated_photo.php, edit_person.inc.php and edit_place.inc.php
  • zoph_table.inc.php: small layout fix in debug code
  • Fixed: a string would not be correctly translated if it starts with a "special character".
  • Fixed a few html encoding issues. (Bug#1467146 and some not reported bugs)
  • Button text not correct when php.ini setting is short_open_tag = Off (Bug#1459175)
  • Ratings being truncated (Bug#1466551)
  • Fixed a bug where logging in without SSL would redirect you to the wrong page.
  • Next/prev buttons lost after editting/deleteing a photo when using 'auto-edit' mode. (Bug#1467143, Bug#1463947)
  • CSS style is not applied when mid prefix is changed in config.inc.php (Bug#1466068)
  • Added missing space in photo.inc.php
  • Specifying the DEFAULT_TABLE_WIDTH as a percentage doesn't work (Bug#1446202)
  • HTML tag missing for all pages.
  • MySQL >4.1 conversion doesn't work with default user feature. (Bug#1500325)
  • Object syntax in comment.inc.php not compatible with PHP4.(Bug#1500582)

Cleanup and various[edit]

  • Updated Danish, Italian, Dutch, German and Canadian English language files
  • Cleanup of all language files (removed no longer used strings)
  • Removed zoph_update-0.4pre1.sql
  • In photo.php, the actionlinks are now built using an array. To make life a bit easier for people using the auto-edit feature, the edit page now displays more links.
  • Cleaned out the code of the search page: Removed lots of messy and redundant code and added whitespace for readability. Functionality should be unchanged.
  • Fixed code layout in util.inc.php
  • Updated HTML for the edit page of places to use semantic HTML and not tables.

Zoph 0.5.1[edit]

12 March 2006

  • Updated Richard Heyes mailclass to newest version. Should partly solve Req#655957
  • Fixed: Quotes and apostrophes do not display correctly (Bug#1443235)
  • Fixed: Places are sorted by id instead of alphabetically. (Bug#1443427)
  • Fixed: Loosing context after editing (Bug#1333428)
  • Fixed: Clicking on the thumbnail of a randomly chosen photo would pick a new random photo instead of showing a larger version of the thumb (Bug#1443927)
  • Fixed: field with double quotes are truncated (Bug#1443235)
  • Fixed: photo.php: the _rows, _cols etc. fields are added to the url, instead of replaced, whenever they are changed. (did not cause any functionality issues)
  • Fixed: error at the end of a slideshow (Bug#1446200)
  • Removed extra space in create_text_input
  • Fixed installation SQL file: some missing changes needed for Zoph 0.5, (Bug#1447727)
  • Resolved duplicate subject header in mail sent from Zoph
  • Translation fixes in German translation, thanks to Ulrich Wiederhold
  • Added missing translation to Dutch and Canadian English and updated zoph_strings.txt
  • Fixed: search page does not show results when using a translated Zoph version (Bug#1448346)

Zoph 0.5[edit]

1 March 2006

  • v0.5 is equal to v0.5-pre4

Zoph 0.5 pre4[edit]

18 February 2006

  • Solved a bug that caused an error on the bulk edit page if you would add some people to a photo and consequently made another edit (Bug#1422741)
  • Fixed an issue where the pager links on the bulk edit page would cause errors after an edit has been made.
  • Additional anti-SQL injection code in the search page.
  • When updating user permissions with a high number of albums, a "URL too long" error occurred. (Bug#1434235)
  • Fixed a bug that caused some albums permissions not to be properly updated when making a change.

Zoph 0.5-pre3[edit]

30 January 2006

  • Solved a typo in upgrade documentations
  • Solved a bug that caused an Admin user not to be able to browse people
  • zophImport.pl: --verbose combined with --path would not correctly tell where the file was copied.
  • zophImport.pl: now exits with a non-0 status code when something goes wrong
  • updated man-pages for zophImport.pl and zophExport.pl (thanks to Edelhard Becker)
  • Solved a bug that caused the bulk-edit page not to work when called from search-results (Bug#1415457)
  • Added brackets to some queries to make the search page react better on "not in" queries.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some changes made on the bulk-edit page to be ignored.
  • Added an extra Update button to the bulk edit paged (Req#1416184)
  • Made a change to the db lookup for the place dropdown that dramatically increases the performance of the bulk edit page.

Zoph 0.5-pre2[edit]

24 January 2006

  • Logging on with non-admin user in Zoph-0.5pre1 does not work (Bug#1413557)
  • Rating links do not work in v0.5pre1 (Bug#1413244)

Zoph 0.5-pre1[edit]

21 January 2006

  • Changed typos in logon.php and credits.html
  • Fixed php errors when user is not logged in (bug#1325547)
  • Added compatibility with MySQL=>4.1, and code to automatically convert passwords from MySQL pre-4.1 to 4.1 and later format.
  • Many updates to HTML and CSS, most to improve HTML semantics. (Less tables used for layout).
  • Resolved some inconsistencies in config.inc.php (some defines used quotes and some not)
  • zoph_table.inc.php now gives some more debug info when DEBUG is on.
  • Locations are now hierarchical. The necessary database updates for this are done by the SQL update script; an unsopported script is included in the contrib dir that will try to change your locations to a real hierarchical list. Use at your own risk!
  • Dated_dirs can now be made hierarchical (instead of a directory called 2006.01.20 you will have a directory-tree 2006/01/20). Thanks to Oliver Seidel (Req#656472)
  • Immediate editting of color schemes and possibility to copy them (Req#715104)
  • Dated dirs in webimporter (Req#739557)
  • Imported tar and zip files can be removed automatically (Req#739267)
  • Change of error message in import.php to ease translation.
  • People without "browse people" rights can now no longer see people's names. (Req#749503)
  • Use the file date and time if there is no date in exif header. (Req#752404)
  • Option to open the fullsize image in a new window. (Req#1252457)
  • Watermarking for high quality images. (Req#1250028)
  • Forced SSL login, thanks to Aaron Parecki. (Patch#1253265)
  • Forced SSL usage
  • zophImport.pl: Now fails when album/location/category/person does not exist. (Can be turned off by setting $ignoreerror). Partly solves Debian bug #284539.
  • zophImport.pl: A friendly error is now displayed when a photo is added to an album/cat/person it is already in. (partly solves Debian bug #284539)
  • Changed default permissions in config.inc.php as requested in Debian bug#326649
  • zophImport.pl: Added --copy and --verbose options. Solves Debian bug#211312 and partly #218491.
  • Major improvements to the search page. Thanks to Roy Bonser. (Req#685269 and Patch#1395052).
  • Fixed some possible SQL-injection issues.
  • Adding multiple people to a photo at once, thanks to Neil McBride. (Patch#1406959)
  • Fixed Date Field set inconsistently when using files with no EXIF info. (Bug#1402492)
  • Updated Canadian English, German and Dutch translations.

Zoph 0.4[edit]

4 September 2005

  • Removed "float" in CSS breadcrumb definition, this was a workaround for a very small layout issue in Firefox, but caused some ugly behaviour in Konqueror and Safari.
  • Fixed incorrect 'Next' URL after editing photos. (bug#1252455)
  • Moved edit button to right side in edit_photo.php
  • Updated Dutch, English, Canadian English and German translation
  • Zoph_strings.txt (translation skeleton file) was updated for 0.4
  • The "root category" on the categories page is now translated
  • Fixed a layout issue when pressing pause during a slideshow
  • "Up" button now takes you to the last page you were looking at, instead of the first (bug#1259152)
  • Added a warning to check for maximum file size when uploading fails (bug#739546)
  • Added Polish translation (thanks Krzysztof Kajkowski)
  • Swedish translation was updated by Johan Linder
  • Increased DEFAULT_WIDTH to 600, for layout reasons

Zoph 0.4pre2[edit]

1 August 2005

  • Changed layout to use CSS (thanks Jeroen Roos)
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation (thanks Mat Lee)
  • Fixed translation of update and submit buttons
  • Added a "Contrib" directory in which some user-contributed tools are distributed.
  • Contrib: Diff to use Postgres as database (for zoph 0.3.3) (thanks Chris Beauchamp)
  • Contrib: ZophEdit Python script to edit photo metadata in a zoph database (thanks Nils Decker)
  • Contrib: ZophClean Perl script to find and solve differences between database and files on disk.
  • Fixed a bug where only Admin users could rate photos and add photos to a lightbox album (pat#1179920) (thanks Jason Taylor)
  • Added a check to prevent album names, category names, location, people names, user names and color schemes to have empty names (bug#846417)
  • Added a fix for zophImport.pl, it failed in looking up people that have a name with multiple spaces (pat#830236) (thanks Hans Verbrugge)
  • Contrib: Added a script to add movies to Zoph (pat#1176317) (thanks Giles Morant)
  • Fixed bug: a deleted album could still be a lightbox album (bug#1193347)
  • Fixed an url-encoding bug in relation to breadcrumbs (bug#1194722)
  • Fixed a problem with deleting a photo: returning to the photos after the delete was inconsistent when auto-edit is on or off. (bug#772403)
  • Added an error message when file cannot be unzipped (#1193351)
  • Changed the licence from BSD to GPL.
  • Changed default width in config.inc.php to be slidely wider to solve a layout glitch

Zoph 0.4pre1[edit]

Never released

  • Created a validator class to allow different types of authentication
  • Added a function to validator.inc.php to allow htpasswd authentication (req#656449) (thanks Asheesh Laroia)
  • Added $host param to zophImport.pl (bug#656438)
  • Fixed it's vs its grammar (bug#656444)
  • Changed "<?=" to "<?php echo" for short_open_tag = Off compatibility (bug#670542)
  • Changed logout tab in header.inc.php to show "logon" for default users (req#656448)
  • Added DB_PREFIX in config.inc.php and updated sql to use (req#656450)
  • Fixed DEFAULT_ORDERING bug in photos.php and photo_search.inc.php (bug#667484)
  • Fixed bug with date ordering failing to imply time ordering in photo_search.inc.php (pat#675164) (thanks Ian Kerr)
  • Fixed bug in which PHPSESSID failed to be passed in image links when cookies were disabled (bug#663523)
  • Fixed a bug in which update_query_string() in util.inc.php failed to overwrite new parameters (bug#678491)
  • Updated exif flash handling in exif.inc.php (bug#671023)
  • Included an udpated language package with new German, Dutch and Canadian English translations
  • Added image rotation (req#666979)
  • Fixed a problem with double escaping (bug#656435)
  • Fixed a problem with slideshows with IE on Mac (bug#667480)
  • Fixed a bug where the last modified date and the date a photo was taken were mixed up in the calendar view (bug#667486)
  • Added a "default destination path", so the import no longer fails when the path is not specified (bug#670855)
  • Added an extra space on the categories page (bug#741736). (thanks Mark Cooper)
  • Added languages Swedish (thanks Mikael Magnusson), Afrikaans (thanks Neels Jordaan), Hebrew (thanks "Prince01"), Portuguese (thanks Joaquim Azevedo), Danish (thanks Jesper Skytte) languages
  • Fixed a typo in "Swedish Chef" translation
  • Added support for PNG and GIF in the webimported (thanks Patrick Lam)
  • Added validation using PHP_AUTH_USER/PW using php_validate() (thanks Samuel Keim)
  • Upgraded mail classes
  • Added email notification
  • Added registration of last login time and IP address per user
  • Added annotated photo emails (thanks Nixon P. Childs)
  • Added ratings by multiple users
  • Improved navigation by adding up & return links
  • Fixed a problem with next button in some specific cases (bug#782519) (thanks Curtis Rawls)
  • Added bulk editting mode that can change any photo page into a "power edit" page (req#667478)
  • Fixed a problem with photo editting (bug#782600) (thanks Curtis Rawls)
  • Fixed offset bug in slideshow
  • Fixed a bug with the pager on search results page.
  • Fixed a bug where some photos where counted twice (or more) on the reports page (pat#675172) (thanks Ian Kerr)

Zoph 0.3.3[edit]

13 Dec 2002

  • Fixed a bug in zophImport.pl in which creating a thumbnail (or midsize) could fail when the original image was smaller than the thumbnail size (thanks Tetsuji Kyan)
  • Removed the +profile option to convert() in zophImport.pl since this was caused problems on some user's systems (a problem with expansion of the * ?)
  • Fixed a bug in slideshow.php which caused an error to be displayed when a slideshow was completed
  • Added a pref to allow descriptions to be displayed under thumbnails
  • Fixed a minor pager bug in photos.php
  • Updated person.inc, person.php and photo_search.php so that the person and photos pages accept "person=LastName,FirstName" in the url instead of just person_ids
  • Added a missing call to getvar("type") in image_service.php (thanks Ian Kerr)
  • Added photo counts to "photos of", "photos by" and "photo at" links in person.php and place.php
  • Added "photos of" and "photos by" links to people.php, "photos at" links to places.php
  • Updated import.php to handle uploads of zip and tar archives
  • Fixed a bug in import.php which caused server imports to fail when no destination path was set
  • Replaced <? with <?php so that short_open_tag need not be enabled in php.ini
  • Fixed a typo in mail.php which caused html mail to have broken images
  • Created zophExport.pl to create static html galleries of photos
  • Added a man page for zophImport.pl (thanks Mark Cooper)
  • Updated the tutorial renamed it as the manual
  • Added an updated language pack with Norwegian and Spanish translations (thanks Haavard Leonardo Lund and Alvaro González Crespo)

Zoph 0.3.2[edit]

17 Oct 2002

  • Fixed a bug in edit_photo.inc.php in which the "show additional attributes" link did not work if register_globals was disabled
  • Updated photos.php so that the first and last pages are always shown in the pager (thanks Christian Hoenig)
  • Added a "delete" link to the edit photo page in edit_photo.inc.php
  • Fixed a bug in photo.php where the auto edit pref was ignored when using the search page
  • Added four new color schemes
  • Fixed spelling of aperture and metering in dropdown in util.inc.php (thanks Francesco Ciattaglia)
  • Added missing translation code to categories.inc.php, albums.php, zoph.php
  • Added DEFAULT_SHOW_ALL config parameter for people.php and places.php
  • Added missing footer include from info.php and reports.php
  • Replaced calls to include_once with calls to require_once
  • Added path to field pulldown in search.php
  • Add "or die" checks to zophImport.pl after file manipulations commands
  • Replaced rename() with calls to copy() + unlink() in zophImport.pl as rename fails when moving accross filesystems
  • Altered table structure in person.php
  • Added new language pack with new Italian translation (thanks Francesco Ciattaglia)

Zoph 0.3.1[edit]

30 Sep 2002

  • Fixed a bug in zophImport.pl in which thumb_extension was applied even when mixed_thumbnails was set
  • Updated zophImport.pl so that a path need not be passed when doing --update --thumbnails
  • Fixed user.inc.php so that the "Offset 1 is invalid for MySQL result index" warning is not displayed when a non admin views a photo (this bug was only present in the Zoph 0.3 download for 2 or so hours on Sep 26)
  • Fixed state field size label in edit_place.inc.php
  • Updated French language module
  • Removed extra tables in zoph.sql included by accident in 0.3
  • Updated image_service.php to enable use of cached images (thanks Alan Shutko)
  • Fixed a bug in user.inc.php in which, if register_globals is disabled, revoking an album would cause all albums to be revoked for that user
  • Fixed photos.php so that an odd pager size no longer results in fractional page numbers
  • Fixed zoph.php so that the minimum random photo rating is used in the randomly chosen photo link
  • Modified get_link() in place.inc.php so that a city link can also be displayed
  • Updated album_permissions.inc.php so that revoking permissions on an album will also revoke permissions on descendant albums
  • Added a pref to bring up the edit screen whenever a photo is clicked
  • Added a pref to control whether the camera (exif) info is displayed
  • Added a lightbox feature to hold favorite photos

Zoph 0.3[edit]

25 September 2002

  • Update zophImport.pl to look up photos by path as well as name when updating (thanks Francisco J. Montilla)
  • Fixed spelling of "Metering Mode" in photo.inc.php (thanks Francisco J. Montilla)
  • Updated zophImport.pl to generate jpeg thumbnails for all image types if desired
  • Updated photo.inc.php and image_service.php to handle the new thumbnails
  • Fixed the urlencoding of image names/paths in photo.inc.php and util.inc.php (thanks Francisco J. Montilla)
  • Increased size of name and path fields in photos table
  • Created a timestamp field in the photos table
  • Added recent photos taken/modified links (thanks David Moulton for the idea)
  • Fixed a change password bug in password.php
  • Added a (view all) photos tab to the header
  • Created variables.inc.php for PHP 4.2.x compatibility (thanks David Baldwin)
  • Modified calendar.inc.php to handle pre 1970 dates (thanks David Baldwin)
  • Zoph is now internationalized (thanks Eric Seigne for the code and French translation)
  • Added a web based importer (initial code from Jan Miczaika)
  • Added ability to order results
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated documentation

Zoph 0.2.1[edit]

21 June 2002

  • Added default, auto logged in user feature (disabled by default)
  • Fixed spelling of "aperture" in zophImport.pl (thanks Donald Gover)
  • Fixed greedy split match in zophImport.pl (thanks Donald Gover)
  • Quoted image name passed to jhead in zophImport.pl
  • Wrapped image name in urlencode() in get_image_href in photo.inc.php
  • Fixed remove photo links (thanks Matthew MacIntyre)
  • Added view all options to people and places templates
  • Added check for null in color scheme loading in prefs.inc.php
  • Fixed templates to display album and category descriptions, if present
  • Increased size of album and category description fields
  • Added focus_dist, ccd_width and comment photo fields
  • Increased size of focal_length photo field
  • Increased size of state field in places table
  • Added missing not null constraint to detailed_people field in users table

Zoph 0.2[edit]

24 April 2002

  • Initial public release
  • Rewrite of Zoph 0.1

Zoph 0.1[edit]

completed on 14 Sep 2000, never released