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Zoph 0.9.1[edit]


Zoph 0.9.1 is the first feature release for Zoph 0.9, it shows a preview of some of the new features for Zoph 0.10. Most important change is the move of most configuration items from config.inc.php into the Web GUI.


  • issue#28 Configuration through webinterface commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed display desc under thumbnail feature commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed MIXED_THUMBNAILS and THUMB_EXTENSION settings commit (jeroenrnl)
  • removed DEFAULT_SHOW_ALL setting commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed LANG_DIR configuration item commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Changed the looks of <input> fields a bit commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed alternative password validators commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed checks for PHP 5.1 commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Adding CLI support for configuration commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#7 Added a favicon commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#18 Added "return" link on bulk edit page commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Added a script to migrate config to new db-based system commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#8 Made template selectible from webinterface commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed MAX_CRUMBS commit (jeroenrnl)


  • Simplified CLI code & fixed bug in --autoadd commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#34 Rows and columns swapped on photos page commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#36 Webimporter does not import description commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#37 Can not add position on map using the mouse commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Fixed a bug that caused EXIF information in some (rare) cases to report the aperture wrong. commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Strict standards warning commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#45 Pagebreak inside HTML tags causes browser to render incorrectly commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#45 Added selectArray cache to zophTable commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#48 Repair photo ratings during import commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#50 Geonames project has changed URL and requires username commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#51 Fixed depth in tree display when autocorrect is off commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#39 Added support for session.upload_progress as APC replacement (PHP 5.4 compatibility) commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#38 CLI tries to lookup previous argument's value when looking up photographer commit (jeroenrnl)


I have made quite a few improvements on the "inside" of Zoph. I have refactored many parts of Zoph to create cleaner, less duplicated and more robust code. I have introduced UnitTests (resulting in about 20% of Zoph's sourcecode now tested fully automatic for bugs). As a help to that, I am now using Sonar to automatically run these tests and also analyse Zoph code for other problems.

  • issue#29 First step in creating unittests for Zoph commit (Jeroen Roos)
  • Sonar Support commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor of PHP part of Mapping implementation commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Move timezone-related global functions into class commit (jeroenrnl)
  • TimeZone object improvements commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Small change in way template is called on photo page (Full page templates are now "templates" and partial pages are "blocks") commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor of htmlMimeMail.php commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor of Mail_mimePart commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor annotate photo, watermark photo, image.php commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed several global variables commit commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Finished refactor of MIME classes commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor album, category, place, person, photo commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor: getEditArray() + unittests commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Further refactor of photo, album, person, place, category commit commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor: move ratings out of photo object commit commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor: moved relations from photo object to new photoRelations object commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Refactor: photo object commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Got rid of adding session_id to URL commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Modified internal database references to static commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed brackets from require and include statements commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Replaceed a die() with exception commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Changed self-references in objects to use self:: commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed unused class smtp commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Made autoload a little more robust commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Changes to autoload so it works in unittests too. commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed unused RFC822 class commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Changed line-endings in mailMimePart.inc.php to unix-style commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed various unused variables commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed duplicate templates commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Removed unused $user from createPulldown() calls. commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Modified some queries to improve performance commit (jeroenrnl)


18 Oct 2012

Zoph is the first maintenance release for Zoph 0.9. It adds compatibility with MySQL 5.4.4 and later and PHP 5.4 support. Several bugs were fixed.


  • issue#1 Changed TYPE=MyISAM to ENGINE=MyISAM for MySQL > 5.4.4 compatibility commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#2 Changed timestamp(14) into timestamp commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#3 Removed pass-by-reference for PHP 5.4 compatibility commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#6 Missing French translation commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#30 Remove warning about undefined variables commit commit commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#1 Fixed: PHP Notice: Array to string conversion commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#31 Fixed several errors in geotagging code commit (jeroenrnl)
  • issue#33 Fixed: no error message when rotate fails commit (jeroenrnl)
  • Fixed a small layout issue on the prefs page commit (jeroenrnl)

Older Releases[edit]