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Zine Making

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Zine Making
List of Topics


A "zine" is an independent publication, a DIY magazine-like thing. Because you do it yourself it can be pretty much anything you want it to be. This wikibook is not about the style or content of what you do with your zine, since it can contain almost anything you want (that's the joy of zines!), but instead is intended to help you with some of the practicalities of how to make a zine, about putting paper and ink (or whatever) together to make something interesting that you can put out.

Look: some zines

This guide aims to be fairly international and not connected to any particular "scene", so there aren't any addresses or country-specific things (e.g. about the postal system, legal system...). Hopefully you'll find it useful.

Table of contents

  1. Writing the pages
  2. Putting pages together: stapling, stitching, folding, etc
  3. Making copies
  4. Selling/giving copies to people
  5. Other resources about zine making
  6. Authors

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