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Sun Yat-sen New York printing[edit]

The cents value of the basic stamps were printed in sheets of 400 by the American Bank Note Co. of New York then cut into panes of 200. The dollar values were printed in sheets of 300, and cut into 6 panes of 50 stamps each.

1941-02-21 Engraved, Perf. 12, Unwatermarked
Image Catalogue Number Description Reference Notes
CHN-1941-0101 ½ cent sepia Gi 583, Ma 547, Sc 449, YT 334
CHN-1941-0101-10 red 1 cent overprint Gi 624 2 types not distinguished by Gibbons
CHN-1941-0101-11 small red 1 cent overprint Sc 488j1 for Guangdong
CHN-1941-0101-12 large red 1 cent overprint Sc 488c1 for Hunan
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0101-20 5 cents overprint Gi 95, Sc 9N78
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0101-30 $50.00 overprint Gi 101, Sc 9N84
CHN-1941-0102 1 cent yellow orange Gi 584, Ma 548, Sc 450, YT 335
CHN-GNDG-1941-0102-10 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N16
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0102-20 10 cent overprint Sc 9N79
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0102-30 20 cent overprint Sc 9N80
CHN-1941-0102-40 $10.00 blue overprint Sc 716
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0102-50 $50.00 overprint Sc 9N85
CHN-1941-0102-51 25 cents green second overprint Sc 617
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0102-60 $1000.00 overprint Sc 9N91
CHN-1941-0102-61 $5.00 green second overprint Sc 621
CHN-1941-0103 2 cents indigo blue Gi 585, Ma 549, Sc 451, YT 336
CHN-GNDG-1941-0103-10 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N43
CHN-1941-0103-20 red $20.00 overprint Sc 718
CHN-1941-0104 5 cents olive green Gi 586, Ma 550, Sc 452, YT 337
CHN-GNDG-1941-0104-10 Guangdong overprint, small characters Sc 1N17
CHN-GNDG-1941-0104-20 Guangdong overprint, big characters Sc 1N44
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0104-30 40 cents overprint Sc 9N81
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0104-40 $5.00 overprint Sc 9N82
CHN-1941-0104-51 $50.00 overprint in square corner box Sc 670
CHN-1941-0104-52 $50.00 overprint in round corner box Sc 712
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0104-60 $200.00 overprint Sc 9N87
CHN-1941-0105 8 cents orange red Gi 587, Ma 551, Sc 453, YT 338
CHN-1941-0105-10 blue military overprint Sc M3
CHN-GNDG-1941-0105-20 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N45
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0105-30 Blue 50 cents overprint Sc 9N98
CHN-1941-0105-40 $20.00 overprint Sc 705
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0105-50 $200.00 overprint Sc 9N88
CHN-1941-0106 8 cents peacock blue Gi 588, Ma 552, Sc 454, YT 339
CHN-1941-0106-11 military overprint, small characters Sc M1
CHN-1941-0106-12 Military overprint, big characters Sc M4
CHN-GNDG-1941-0106-20 Guangdong overprint, small banner Sc 1N18
CHN-GNDG-1941-0106-30 Guangdong overprint, large characters Sc 1N46
CHN-1941-0106-40 $20.00 overprint Sc 706
CHN-1941-0106-50 $100.00 overprint Sc 677
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0106-60 $200.00 overprint Sc 9N89
CHN-1941-0107 10 cents emerald green Gi 589, Ma 553, Sc 455, YT 340
CHN-GNDG-1941-0107-10 Guangdong overprint, small banner Sc 1N19
CHN-GNDG-1941-0107-20 Guangdong overprint, large characters Sc 1N47
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0107-30 $10.00 overprint Sc 9N83
CHN-1941-0107-40 $300.00 overprint Sc 687
CHN-1941-0108 17 cents olive Gi 590, Ma 554, Sc 456, YT 341
CHN-GNDG-1941-0108-10 Guangdong overprint, small banner Sc 1N22
CHN-GNDG-1941-0108-20 Guangdong overprint, large characters Sc 1N51
CHN-1941-0108-31 20 cents Hunan overprint Sc 542c20
CHN-1941-0108-32 20 cents Honan overprint Sc 542m20
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0108-40 $50.00 overprint Sc 9N86
CHN-1941-0109 25 cents claret Gi 591, Ma 555, Sc 457, YT 342
CHN-GNDG-1941-0109-10 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N49
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0109-20 $1000.00 overprint Sc 9N92
CHN-1941-0110 30 cents scarlet Gi 592, Ma 556, Sc 458, YT 343
CHN-GNDG-1941-0110-10 Guangdong overprint, small banner Sc 1N21
CHN-GNDG-1941-0110-20 Guangdong overprint, large characters Sc 1N50
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0110-30 $1000.00 overprint Sc 9N93
CHN-1941-0111 50 cents blue Gi 593, Ma 557, Sc 459, YT 344
CHN-GNDG-1941-0111-10 Guangdong overprint, small banner Sc 1N22
CHN-GNDG-1941-0111-20 Guangdong overprint, large characters Sc 1N51
CHN-1941-0111-30 40 cents red overprint Sc 491c40
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0111-40 $2.00 red overprint Sc 9N100
CHN-1941-0112 $1.00 black in brown Gi 594, Ma 558, Sc 460, YT 345
CHN-GNDG-1941-0112-10 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N52
CHN-1941-0113 $2.00 black in blue Gi 595, Ma 559, Sc 461, YT 346
CHN-GNDG-1941-0113-10 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N53
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0113-20 $1000 overprint Sc 9N94
CHN-1941-0114 $5.00 black in red Gi 596, Ma 560, Sc 462, YT 347
CHN-GNDG-1941-0114-10 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N54
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0114-20 $500.00 overprint Sc 9N90
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0114-30 $2000 overprint Sc 9N96
CHN-1941-0115 $10.00 black in green Gi 597, Ma 561, Sc 463, YT 348
CHN-GNDG-1941-0115-10 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N55
CHN-SHNJ-1941-0115-20 $1000 overprint Sc 9N95
CHN-1941-0116 $20.00 black in claret Gi 598, Ma 562, Sc 464, YT 349
CHN-GNDG-1941-0116-10 Guangdong overprint Sc 1N56

Thrift commemorative issue[edit]


This set of stamps was issued to encourage thrift, and reflected the ideas of the then current Thrift Movement. It illustrates various economic elements in the society. The stamp was printed by the Chung Hwa Book Co, of Hong Kong in sheets of 100.

1941-06-21 Thrift issue, perf 12.5
Image Catalogue Number Description Reference Notes
CHN-1941-2101 8 cents, green Gi 599, Ma 582, Sc 465, YT 350
CHN-1941-2102 21 cents, brown Gi 600, Ma 583, Sc 466, YT 351
CHN-1941-2103 28 Cents, olive green Gi 601, Ma 584, Sc 467, YT 352
CHN-1941-2104 33 cents, scarlet Gi 602, Ma 585, Sc 468, YT 353
CHN-1941-2105 50 cents, blue Gi 603, Ma 586, Sc 469, YT 354
CHN-1941-2106 $1.00, violet Gi 604, Ma 587, Sc 470, YT 355
CHN-1941-2107 Miniature sheet with one of each stamp imperforate Gi 605, Ma 588, Sc 471, YT Bloc 1 155mm x 166mm. Individual imperforate stamps are cut from this sheet


Special delivery (express) stamp[edit]

This stamp and the registration stamp that follows were produced in Chongqing to fulfill an immediate need at a time when the rates for these services were uncertain, and an increase in rates was expected for 1942. The inscription shows that the relevant service was paid for each 20 grams. It was first expected that the express fee would be $4.56 and the registration fee would be $3.43, but by the time the stamps were sold they were $2.00 and $1.50 respectivley. Both of these stamps were lithographed in sheets of 85 stamps (5 x 17).

Date issue Not denominated, 17mm high x 42mm, rouletted, no gum
Image Catalogue Number Description Reference Notes
CHN-1941-5101 red on yellow Gi 616, Ma E10; Sc E11, YT not First two characters in top row: 遞 快

Registration stamp[edit]

Date issue Not denominated, 17mm high x 42mm, rouletted, no gum
Image Catalogue Number Description Reference Notes
CHN-1941-5201 green on brown Gi 617, Ma E11, Sc F1, YT not First two characters in top row: 號 掛;