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 Wireless Mesh Networks 

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Below are listed of several reasons on why the "hacktivist" are keen on developing the mesh network technology

Digital Divide[edit]

In rural area, there are often lack of Internet access. There are few projects in the world that tries to bridge the digital divide in the rural area.

(1) (India) SARI (Sustainable Access in Rural Area)

Mesh network created India to let the rural India have access to Internet [1]

(2) (India) Aravind Teleophthalmology Kiosk

Mesh network created to let the patients self diagnosed himself in a kiosk and send the results to the doctors who maybe hundreds of kilometer away


(3) (Tibet) Dharamsala Wireless Mesh Network

In remote northern India region of Dharamsala where the Internet connection is patchy and unreliable, a group of networking experts helped the local people to set up the network.Using recycled PC parts and materials for antenna, they managed to connect over 2000 devices to the mesh networks itself.


Service Provider[edit]

(1) (South Africa) Mesh Potato by Village Telco

Mesh Potato is the wifi based mesh network services that provided data and free voice call to anyone in the network [4]

Public Service[edit]




(1) (Greece)Free sharing culture inside the Greece community


(2) (Wall Street) Occupy Wall Street - Freedom Tower

The Internet we knew is under huge surveillance by NSA and now the Freedom tower is creating the other Internet which will provide freedom


Inside of Facility[edit]