Wireless Mesh Networks/Appendix D - Mesh network vendors

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Mesh network vendors[edit | edit source]

BelAir[edit | edit source]

Cisco[edit | edit source]


Concentris Systems LLC[edit | edit source]


Concentris Systems uses open standards wireless mesh networking technology to develop unique solutions that solve real life, challenging problems for rugged and severe-duty applications.

Concentris pioneered the versatile RapidLink network architecture that offers reliable, secure, high performance wireless mesh data networking. Easy to deploy and manage, RapidLink is ideal for situations where conventional data networking techniques are impractical or cost prohibitive.

Concentris Systems is focused upon making other people’s technology work better. The company provides a comprehensive suite of hardware and software products, coupled with training programs and hands-on service, for OEM and System Developer customers. Its toolkit is flexible and intuitive making it possible to create application-specific solutions in a surprisingly short time.

MIT graduate Tareq Hoque founded Concentris Systems. Before Concentris, Hoque was the president of Firetide, a successful early innovator in the field of mesh networking protocol and ad-hoc mesh networking. He was also president of Adtech Inc., the largest contributor to the Spirent Communications group of companies.

Concentris Systems LLC is a small, disadvantaged minority-owned business based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Firetide[edit | edit source]


Mesh Dynamics[edit | edit source]


Incorporated in 2005, MeshDynamics is a privately held, profitable, U.S based corporation. Our headquarters are in Santa Clara, Northern California, USA.

Target Markets: Emerging outdoor enterprise wireless market opportunities such as those in mining, materials processing, military and border security, video surveillance, seismic oil exploration etc., place high demands on the wireless network infrastructure. Beyond data, critical real-time voice and video streams must also be supported, often in motion. Traditional wireless mesh architectures have been unable to support demands of this traffic, and thus have not penetrated these fast-developing markets to date.

Extensive testing by USAF, Battelle and others confirm that MeshDynamics' patented wireless mesh technology provides the highest throughput, low latency, and low jitter demanded by these applications through the use of dynamic channel allocation and a robust tree-based (deterministic and scalable) topology. High quality voice/video transport in demanding underground mine environments some up to 40 hops deep are in operation. No other mesh provider has demonstrated this level of scalability.

MeshDynamics mesh nodes have been installed in demanding applications requiring performance over multiple hops, noise free voice and video and rapid mesh formation with high speed mobility nodes. Applications include: municipal networking, underground mining and industrial, video surveillance, homeland security and public safety.

Nortel[edit | edit source]


Proxim[edit | edit source]

RoamAD[edit | edit source]


Sky Pilot[edit | edit source]

Strix[edit | edit source]


ClearMesh Networks[edit | edit source]


Tropos[edit | edit source]

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ValuePoint Networks[edit | edit source]