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8.1 Wings3D Links Wings3D Home Page – Here you will find the latest source code and Windows binaries, several tutorials and some useful links. Link:

SourceForge Wings Project Page – Here you can find both the current and historical source code and release notes, file a bug reports, or log feature requests. Link:

Erlang – the Wings programming language. The best reference is the PDF document Concurrent Programming in Erlang which is the first six chapters of a book by the same name. Most of the people now writing plug-ins for Wings got started by reading this document. You will also find a Glossary, an Index and a Getting Started guide at the same site. Link:

Wings Warm & Fuzzy 3D – Wings discussions. This is the unofficial Official Wings Board. This is where most of the on-line Wings discussion takes place, especially oriented to helping new users and for hashing out development issues. Link: and Wings3D - Official Development Forum Link:

CGChat Wings Board – A Wings discussion board more centered around the art of modeling with Wings. They tend to run Seminars on a given modeling topic. Link:

Bernie's Downloads – Many free models in .wings format plus other 3D resources. Link:

3dbaseart – a Wings tutorial on building a drag car. Link:

Wings3D Tutorial: Soccer Ball – a tutorial by Anthony D'Agostino on making a soccer ball with wings. Anthony is a master at modeling geometric shapes, and this tutorial is Wings3D specific. Link:

And there are two links that may help you understand the winged edge data structure of Wings that I would like to point you to. The first one is The Winged Edge Data Structure by Dr. Ching- Kuang Shene. This is the reference used by Bjorn Gustravson to develop Wings. Link:

And you can find winged edge topology illustrated from a geographic point of view here: Link: