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The Title Bar.
This is what an Auto-Saved file looks like in the Title Bar.

The Title Bar[edit]

  • The Title Bar along the top of the application window identifies the program's name (Wings 3D). At the far right of the Title Bar are the standard GUI widgets for Minimize, Restore, and Close. If a previously saved file is open in Wings 3D, the Title Bar will display its file name. When a file is Auto-Saved the title bar displays that the file has been auto-saved.
Auto-save option and iteration settings found in Edit/Preferences/Misc from the Menu Bar.
  • The Auto-Save feature can be turned on and set to the number of minutes the user desires between auto-saves and can be found in Edit|Preferences|Misc. The default setting is 10 minutes between auto-saves. Auto-save will only save that has been previously saved. Auto-save creates a separate file from the one the user saved and overwriting the auto-save file for each iteration. If Wings is closed during an auto-save session without the user saving changes manually, the next time Wings is asked to opens that file may prompt the query:
    Auto Save Open.png