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The Information Line[edit]

The Information Line runs along the bottom of the main Wings window. This is probably the most important thing to keep your eye on, especially if you are new to Wings. The Information Line's main purpose is to display every possible button option available for any operation, tool, or menu item. Many of the tools and menu options have more than one function, and some of the more advanced options are only displayed in the Information Line. To display any menu item's possible options or described function, simply hover over the item with the mouse cursor.

The Information Line uses the letters L, M and R for the Left, Middle and Right mouse buttons. When several options are available for a tool, menu item, or during an operation, those options are displayed in the Information Line preceded by L, M, or R. Sometimes the user will be prompted to depress a Modifier Key in conjunction with the designated mouse button. Modifier Keys are often Control <Ctrl>, <Alt>, or <Shift>, or sometimes a combination of two or more are used with the mouse buttons. There are other instances when Numeric or other keys are used to present option. In cases where Number Keys are used to change the result of a command, Do Not Use The Number Pad Keys. For Number Key Modifiers in the Information Line, use the Number Keys across the top of your keyboard instead.

IMPORTANT: The Information Line Displays Important Information About Tools, Menu Items and Other Options Available During An Operation. Remember To Always Keep An Eye On The Information Line.