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114 DRAFT 1.6

� WINGS3D USER MANUAL Section 8: Resources 8.2 Polygon Modeling Links IZware – Nendo® download and discussions, Mirai discussions. Nendo® is a fantastic modeler and was the inspiration for Wings. The demo is fully functional except for the ability to export to other formats and the full version is only $99. Sadly, hard to get. Link:

Amim8or – Anim8or download, tutorials and discussions. Link:

The Human Head – a reference for 3D artists by Ron Lemen. This is not really a subdivision modeling tutorial but a drawing tutorial. But it will help teach you the proper proportions and shapes needed for modeling a head. Link:

3D Animation Workshop by Robert Polevoi – An excellent series of lessons on all things 3D. The topics range from general 3D concepts to application specific techniques. Lessons 51, 52, and 53 deal with subdivision modeling with Nendo®, but take the time to read some of the earlier lessons (1 – 23) to get a grasp on 3D concepts in general. The VRML lessons are very good (Lessons 27 – 32 and 40 – 45). Lessons 101 – 104 take you through human character modeling, albeit via 3D Max, but they are useful. Unfortunately Mr. Polevoi is no longer producing this series, but it is still valuable reading. Link:

Subdivision Modeling Resource Page by Tamas Varga. It is Mirai centric but there are good discussions on topics fairly universal to subdivision modeling such as the concept of Edge Loops. Link:

Subdivision Surface Modeling 101 by Erik Asorson, is a 3D Max web page but many of the concepts transfer nicely to other applications as well. Link:

Mastering 3D Animation by Peter Ratner, professor of Art at James Madison University. An excellent trilogy of tutorials that cover modeling the human head, the human body, and adding muscles and details. Link:

Spiraloid Digital Sculpting Forum – moderated discussions. What reference guide would be complete without a link to the Spiraloid Digital Sculpting Forum. This is a closely moderated community so be sure to read the rules before posting to avoid being ejected. Very informative discussions from a great collection of master modelers. Just go, read and learn. And if you post, be polite, ask – don't demand, and don't forget to put in that link or image in your post (if you read the rules you know what I mean). Link: