Wikis for Retail Store Managers

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Wikis for Retail Store Managers[edit | edit source]

Overall Wikis are a great source of information in general for a vast amount of topics. The listing and page format allows for difficult instructions to be passed through and diffused in a format determined best by the creator. Wikis, when used correctly can help an organization with the many different sales concepts and operational procedures in a simple layout that can be accessed by members who are in need of it.

What is a Wiki?[edit | edit source]

A wiki is basically a collaboration of online pages that can be read and edited by any audience deemed fit by the creator. Pages can be tied together in specific reference points while creating the page itself. Overall wikis can be used for information transmission and retrieval on any specific interest imaginable in an organized fashion.

Advantages of a wiki[edit | edit source]

  • Listed Instructions
  • Easy Navigation
  • Multiple user management
  • Data is easily managed and altered
  • Graphics and hyperlinks can be added
  • Comments and input can be left by viewers of wiki

Disadvantages of a wiki[edit | edit source]

  • Data integrity can be questioned considering anyone can alter data
  • Without access to internet wiki cannot be accessed
  • Wiki must be constantly moderated to avoid wiki compromise

Wikis in Retail[edit | edit source]

Wiki in retail terms can be used to help keep up with current promotions in a simple and precise manner that is easily changed with minimal issues. Also pages for such operational procedures such as inventory management, labor management and sales strategies can be communicated easily and simply based on store needs. Each store can have their own wiki that is a sub-page to the company megawiki. This of course leads to a highly organized way to check out instructions, product information or simply ask a question.