Wikimedia/The History of Wikipedia/The Early Days

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Wikipedia's logo between 2001-2003
Wiktionary's logo

On the side, Wales and Sanger created another project "Wikipedia". This is where people could discuss and work on content that could be submitted to Nupedia. Following the failure of Nupedia, Wales and Sanger wanted to concentrate their efforts onto Wikipedia. However, a year into the project Sanger left the site. He went off and set up his own project, called Citizendium.

At this time, Bomis ceased funding Wikipedia. Jimmy Wales released a famous statement that he would never, under any circumstances, incorporate ads into Wikipedia. In 2002, Wikipedia's first official sister project, Wiktionary launched. Several policies still intact today were introduced during this year, such as the manual of style. In 2003, Wikipedia passed 100,000 articles. Most importantly, the Wikimedia Foundation was founded.