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Drawing of modes of transportation, including a plane, boats, a train, and roads. The earth is in the center of the illustration.
Larousse universel en 2 volumes; nouveau dictionnaire encyclopédique publié sous la direction de Claude Augé (1922) (14596082918).jpg

This book is a broad look at many forms of transport across many different modes for many purposes, especially passenger travel. History as necessary background is looked at as a whole for transport not just each mode separately. It also looks at wider issues for society in relation to transport including sustainability. Infrastructure and vehicles are looked at too and a guide to various such are offered to the reader.

  1. History - Walking and the wheel before mechanization.
  2. Outline - Driving, shipping, piloting and traveling purposes of transport.
  3. Modes of transport - Air, water and land
  4. Vehicles - Modern, mechanised and motorised
  5. Infrastructure - Bridges and tunnels
  6. Society and sustainability