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Oxeye Daisy
(Leucanthemum vulgare)
Oxeye Daisy flower
Sometimes the flowres look a little beat up
The Oxeye Daisy is also sometimes called Moon Daisy or Dog Daisy. This is one of many plants called a daisy, but when people think about daisies, this is usually what they have in mind. The flower of the Oxeye Daisy is about two inches across. Compare that to the Daisy Fleabane (which is only a half inch across). The Oxeye Daisy also has wider ray petals than the Fleabane, but if you look closely, you will see that the center disk is also a bunch of tiny yellow flowers. These tiny yellow flowers will turn into seeds.

Quick Facts:
Sometimes people play a game with the daisy to decide if someone else loves them or not. As they pull off a petal, they say "He loves me." Then they pull off another and say "He loves me not." They continue doing this until they pull off the last petal. You'll get a better answer if you just ask the person if they love you instead of tearing apart a flower!

Oxeye Daisies are often planted along highways.