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Daisy Fleabane
(Erigeron annuus)
Daisy Fleabane flower
Erigeron annus6.jpg
This daisy has fine, white, thread-like rays shooting out of the yellow disk in the center. If you look closely at the yellow disk, you will see that the disk itself is made of more tiny little flowers. Any flower that does this is a member of the Aster family. The whole flower is about a half inch across, but the plant can grow over four feet tall. Are you taller than a Daisy Fleabane?

Quick Facts:
People used to think that sprinkling the dried flowers of the Daisy Fleabane in a house would get rid of fleas. It doesn't really, but that's how it got its name. The word bane means the thing that gets rid of or banishes. Most plants whose name ends with bane are poisonous, but not this one.

Daisy fleabane EPA.jpg