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Welcome to South America, the fourth largest continent on Earth. South America has 14 different countries in it and over 355 million people! The South Americans are famous for their parties, their music, their dances, and their food. The two major languages spoken in South America are Portuguese and Spanish, although French, English and Dutch are also spoken, as well as a variety of indigenous languages. If there are any words in this book you don't understand you can look them up in the glossary.

Where in the world is South America?

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To the north of South America lies the Caribbean and Central America, to the east lies the Atlantic Ocean, and past that Africa, to the south lies the coldest continent, Antarctica, and to the west lies the Pacific ocean, and past that Australia, Oceania, and Asia.

How to speak like a South American

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English español
runa simi / qhichwa simi
aymar aru
hello hola oi hallo bonjour napaykullayki / allillanchu kamisaraki mba'éichapa / maitei
goodbye adiós tchau tot ziens au revoir ratukama / tupananchiskama jakisiñkama jajoechápeve
please por favor por favor alstublieft s'il vous plaît allichu / urpi sunqu ??? ikatúkena / ikatúramo
thank you gracias obrigado dank U wel merci p'achi / diuslupayki pachi aguyje
help! ¡ayúdame! socorro! help! aidez-moi! yanapaway! ??? ñepytyvõ chéve! chépytyvômina
party fiesta festa feest fête raymi phista vy'arenda
one, two, three uno, dos, tres um, dois, três één, twee, drie un, deux, trois huk, iskay, kimsa maya, paya, kimsa peteĩ, mokõi, mbohapy

Where are these languages spoken?

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