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Suriname, is the smallest and least populated country in South America(French Guinia is smaller but is not a country).

What is Suriname's History like?[edit | edit source]

Native Americans first moved to Suriname in 3000 BC. The largest tribes were the Arawaks, a nomadic coastal tribe that lived from hunting and fishing, and the Caribs. Other smaller tribes lived further into the country, in the rainforest.

The first Europeans who came to Suriname were Dutch traders who visited the area along with other parts of the South America's coast. In 1630, and again in 1651, the English tried to settle the area. But the two English settlements were conquered by the Dutch in the 1660s.

What is Suriname's Geography like?[edit | edit source]

Suriname is the smallest country in mainland South America.

What are Suriname's people like?[edit | edit source]