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What writing system(s) does this language use?[edit | edit source]

Ukrainian is written in a version of Cyrillic, consisting of 33 letters, representing 38 phonemes; an apostrophe is also used.

The Ukrainian alphabet
А а Б б В в Г г Ґ ґ Д д Е е Є є Ж ж З з И и
І і Ї ї Й й К к Л л М м Н н О о П п Р р С с
Т т У у Ф ф Х х Ц ц Ч ч Ш ш Щ щ Ь ь Ю ю Я я

How many people speak this language?[edit | edit source]

37.5 million in Ukraine, and - from 41 million to 45 million in the world in general.

Where is this language spoken?[edit | edit source]

In Ukraine and diaspora. Older generations in Poland, Belarus Russia, Kazahstan, Moldova, Romania, Canada, USA, Brasilia, Australia, Slovensko may also speak some Ukrainian.

What is the history of this language?[edit | edit source]

Who are some famous authors or poets in this language?[edit | edit source]

Taras Shevchenko is the most famous poet in Ukraine.


What are some basic words in this language that I can learn?[edit | edit source]

  • Привіт! - Hello!
  • Дякую - Thank you.
  • Мене звуть * - My name is *
  • Так - Yes
  • Ні - No
  • Я люблю тебе - I love you
  • До побачення! - Good bye!

What is a simple song/poem/story that I can learn in this language?[edit | edit source]

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