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What writing system(s) does this language use?[edit]

Sindhi does not use Latin characters like the English you are reading now, but it uses a version of the Arabic script which is written from right to left. There are fifty two letters in Sindhi alphabet. Sindhi alphabet includes traditional Arabic letters and modified and compound Arabic letters to represent typical Sindhi sounds not found in other languages. In India, along with Arabic script, a Devanagari script is also used to write Sindhi.

How many people speak this language?[edit]

Approximately 41 million people in Pakistan, and 28 million in India speak Sindhi. it is the second most spoken language of Pakistan, a recognized official language in Pakistan and also an official language in India.

Where is this language spoken?[edit]

Primarily in Pakistan and India.

What is the history of this language?[edit]

Who are some famous authors or poets in this language?[edit]

Shah Abdul Latif is a famous Sindhi-language poet.

What are some basic words in this language that I can learn?[edit]

munhinjo (my,mine) tunhinjo (yours) aaoon (I) pani(water) nalo(name) aahay(is) bha(brother) bhen(sister)

What is a simple song/poem/story that I can learn in this language?[edit]