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Welcome to the WikiProject Macintosh! This WikiProject was established in February of 2006 in order to organize Mac-related modules on WikiBooks and cut down on duplicated information.

This page includes:

  • A directory of WikiProject Macintosh members
  • Links to other WikiProject pages, including our guidelines
  • A list of books in our library

The real hub of activity for this project is the discussion page. It's here that members discuss goings-on and coordinate their efforts.

Mission[edit source]

This WikiProject aims to:

  • Build a library of exemplary Mac books and manuals that can be accessed for free.
  • Make learning how to use a Mac easy and fun through light-hearted and simple writing.
  • Capture the excitement and community of the Mac universe and spread it to new users.

Wikimedia sister projects[edit source]

Current Project[edit source]

Library[edit source]

This WikiProject includes the following books. Please see the guidelines for creating a book

  • iLife25% developed - The iLife WikiBook is a complete guide to Apple's spectacular multimedia suite. Learn everything you need to know in order to do amazing things with audio, video, and still images. Fix up your photos, record a podcast, burn a DVD, shoot a documentary, discover a band, or build a website! Learn how at iLife.
    • NOTE: Due to the recent iLife upgrade to iLife 08, I'm trying to move everything in "iLife 06" to "iLife" (so if there are future updates there'll be no need to create yet another wikibook.") Brandon Johnsonn 18:05, 13 August 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Mac OS X Tiger25% developed - If you're a new Mac user, your first stop should be the Mac OS X Tiger WikiBook. It explains everything you need to know about the Mac operating system, from the Finder to Font Book, Spotlight to Speech Recogntion, Bluetooth to Batteries. You'll also want to read this WikiBook if you need help with your Mac or are hungry for tips and tricks. Read it at Mac OS X Tiger.

Advanced Section[edit source]

Advanced books follow a different set of guidelines than the other books in this project, and are thus get their own section in our library.

  • Advanced Mac OS X Tiger0% developed - A power-user chapter that fully explores the Terminal, Network Administration, and AppleScript. Read it at Mac OS X Tiger/Advanced Concepts.

Member List[edit source]

Contributors[edit source]

The following users have pledged to contribute regularly to this WikiProject and follow the guidelines established by it:

  1. hyperpasta - Founder
  2. Geoking66
  3. ultimadesigns
  4. jaimesharp
  5. DarthBob
  6. Ericruud
  7. Neolux
  8. MacUser
  9. kickme
  10. Peteturtle

Associates[edit source]

The following users have pledged to regularly check their user talk pages and be "on call" for help with the WikiProject:

  1. Peteturtle - First Associate :D yippee!
  2. Segatailsfanatic

Becoming a Member[edit source]

To become a member of this WikiProject:

  1. Get a Wikibooks account, which takes literally just a few seconds to create and is totally free (no personal information is needed; just a username and password)
  2. Learn the ropes of editing a Wikibook. A good place to start would be the Wikibooks Help:Contents page.
  3. Read all of the project's guidelines.
  4. Add your user name to this list. Choose either contributor or associate, depending on how much of a commitment you want to make. You can always move your name into the other category if you change your mind.
  5. Add the template WP Mac Userbox to your user page.

Guidelines[edit source]

Read the guidelines for Mac WikiBooks at Wikibooks:WikiProject Macintosh/Guidelines.

Advanced Guidelines[edit source]

Read the guidelines for Advanced Mac WikiBooks at Wikibooks:WikiProject Macintosh/Advanced Guidelines.

Mac Image Directory[edit source]

The WikiProject Macintosh maintains a directory of Mac-related images, including product shots, icons, and screenshots. Read the guidelines for Mac images and browse our directory here.