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Icon Guidelines[edit]

This WikiProject maintains a complete collection of Apple icons for use as decoration and illustration. To keep this collection organized, its important to follow these procedures.

To add an Apple icon:

  1. Find the application in your applications folder
  2. Right-click it and choose "Show Package Contents"
  3. In the window that appears, go to Contents > Resources
  4. Find and open the application's ICNS file
  5. In the drawer, select the 128x128 version
  6. Go to File > Save As and save the file as a PNG on your desktop. Make sure the "Alpha" checkbox is checked.
  7. Upload the PNG to WikiBooks (remember to tag as a Fair Use logo!)
  8. Add the icon to the Icon Directory below

Make sure you upload the PNG with the correct title. For applications that came with Tiger, call the icon "Tiger <application> Icon", even if the application is not just in Tiger. When a new version of the Mac OS arrives, all icons will be renamed Leopard, except those that changed between the releases, for which a Tiger and a Leopard version will be kept. Make sure you fix all links to the icon!

Directory of Icons[edit]

iLife Icons[edit]

Mac OS X App Icons[edit]

Third-Party App Icons[edit]

Document Icons[edit]

Apple PR Image Guidelines[edit]

Apple PR Images are high-resolution JPEG images distributed by Apple from its PR website. You can find them here. Please upload the images at full size and in JPEG format, categorized in the same way as they were posted on the Apple site. Tag the image as a generic press-release photo.

Directory of Apple PR Images[edit]




Screenshot Guidelines[edit]

This WikiProject maintains a collection of screenshots of Apple products for use in WikiBooks. Feel free to use any one of these high-quality images. To keep this collection organized, uploaders must follow these procedures:

  • Tag as a "Generic Screenshot"
  • Include a version in the title (e.g. iPhoto 6 Editor versus just iPhoto Editor, Tiger Finder Window versus Finder Window)
  • Always upload in the PNG format
  • Always upload in full quality
  • Use an obvious name (Tiger System Preferences vs. TigerSysPrefs)
  • Pay attention to the names of similar images and use a name that fits in with the rest

Directory of Screenshots[edit]


Desktop and Menu Bar[edit]



System Preferences[edit]