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The Editorial Board is a project that helps to proofread, edit, and revise books, so that they can become higher-quality resources. Any book can be nominated for review by an editorial board, although featured books, and generally good books are given priority.

Volunteer members of this project will:

  • Find and mark books that are "good"
  • Proofread good books, edit, revise, and generally improve those books.

The project should use the guideline Wikibooks:Editorial board guidelines.

Nominations[edit source]

Books that are in need of review from an editorial board can be listed below.

Resources[edit source]

Members[edit source]

People who are interested in helping this project are encouraged (but not required) to list their usernames below. All wikibookians are allowed to participate in this project, with or without identifying themselves as "members" beforehand. Project members are encouraged to add this page to their watchlists. Project members are also encouraged to add their names to Wikibooks:Volunteer editors by qualification.

Also see: Wikibooks:WikiProject Volunteer editors if you are prepared to act as a member of an editorial board.