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Hi, I'm Matt. I used to be an admin / bureaucrat but ran out of time and only stop in occasionally now.

I'm one of the original editors at the Muggles' Guide and have gone on a quest to keep it organized. Don't confuse editor with contributor; most of my work is administrative and I'm usually removing poor content and replacing it with something more substantial and useful. I don't create that much new content and leave those duties to some of the other big contributors of the book. I try to move around Wikibooks and help out where I can with other projects but the Muggles' Guide usually consumes almost all of my book-writing edits here. Most recently this is my favorite page to watch Muggles' Guide edits.

I believe that Wikibooks and Wikipedia have many similarities but also many differences. A lot of Wikipedia content travels over here after Wikipedia deletes it and I think we need to work together to better establish how we edit and participate in each other's projects. I think a user should have some establishment of activity here in order to have their content and arguments treated with full respect and weight. I say this because I think it's important to show that you understand "how it works" here and we can all benefit from some editing on each project in order to better understand the community.