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Welcome to the Administrative Assistance reading room. You can request assistance from administrators for handling a variety of problems here and alert them about problems which may require special actions not normally used during regular content editing. Please be patient as administrators are often quite busy with either their own projects or trying to perform general maintenance and cleanup.

You can deal with most vandalism yourself: fix it, then warn the user. If there is repeated vandalism by one user, lots of vandalism on a single page, or vandalism from many users, tell an admin here, or in #wikibooks (say !admin to get attention).

For more general questions and assistance that doesn't require an administrator, please use the Assistance Reading Room.


This is a notice for other admins.

This bot exists for the purpose of removing interwiki links when they have been "migrated" to Wikidata. It hasn't yet been operated at en.wb; I found out about it after it had performed hundred of unauthorized edits on en.wn, in violation of local policy that requires all bots whatsoever to be approved before being operated on en.wn — and it performed these hundreds of unauthorized edits with the bot flag, because apparently the software gives it the ability to exercise the bot flag on local projects without any local granting of the flag. I'm now engaged in the lengthy process of undoing the damage it did at en.wn.

Since the en.wb community has discussed whether to remove local interwikis when they're generated at Wikidata, and has not made a decision to do so, I've blocked the bot as a preventative measure against having it run roughshod over the local decision-making process. --Pi zero (discusscontribs) 15:32, 4 August 2015 (UTC)

Puzzles/Arithmetical puzzles/Four 4s Equal.../Solution[edit]

Can this page have partial protection so only registered users can edit. It is a solution page that is complete and there is not really any content that should be added or altered without a deeper discussion with that book community. Over the years I have been reverting non contributive changes to it... --Panic (discusscontribs) 01:53, 14 August 2015 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done --Pi zero (discusscontribs) 05:36, 14 August 2015 (UTC)