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Hello, this is me.

Drop me a mail if you want to talk to me.

I am fairly busy ,so I am now rather infrequent.

Or simply drop me a message on the talk page; my mailbox must warn me that there is someone looking for me.

Oh, and I really like Maths.

NOTE: I don't know why I have to say this, but I am NOT a company or entity. Apparentely en.Wikipedia users and admins think that I am a commercial product just because of something minor I did way back in 2013. I am just a human being operating under a pseudonym like many other editors here. Seriously.

If you are a Wikipedia admin who is reading this page (or even otherwise), I'd appreciate if you could visit my en.Wikipedia talk page (where I'm banned) and tell me whether I'm really in the wrong on this talk page (and hopefully unban me). At least one admin on Wikipedia should be sensible enough instead of simply misassessing the situation...