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Hello, this is me, a sysop on English Wikibooks and MediaWiki.

I am fairly busy, so may not respond immediately. See below for ways to talk to me.
Oh, and I really like Maths (and science in general). Feel free to ask me.

Ways to contact me (click to hide)
Method Proceedure Comment
E-mail Using the "Email this user" facility on the left sidebar The fastest way for urgent messages (or private message which cannot be shared through the talk page method).
Talk page Click Discussion on the top bar or click User talk:Leaderboard Just as fast as an email, and the recommended way. This method also works if you need a response from me when I've been inactive from the project as I'm notified through email.
IRC Use an IRC client (#wikibooks) or click here As I use a Windows 10 w:UWP IRC client, I may not see the message even if I'm present unless it is sent in private. If you need to use IRC for a quick response, send it to me through a PM (as that is when my client will send me a notification).
Ping Using {{ping|Leaderboard}} on a page Not recommended unless I'm active on the project. If I'm inactive, I may not see it at all.