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Graduate degree programs[edit]

Environmental Engineering (Pollution Control)[edit]

Environmental Sciences[edit]

  • University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill [1]


Water Resources Management[edit]

(Top five programs are numbered.)

1. Cornell University - Environmental & Water Resources Systems program in School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Master of Engineering (1 year with 30 semester hours plus a design project)
  • Master of Science (2 years with 24 semester hours plus a research thesis)
  • PhD (about 5 years with research and dissertation)
  • Note: also has graduate programs in Hydrology and in Environmental Engineering

2. Duke University - Master of Environmental Management (48 credit units) with specialized tracks of study:

  • Coastal Environmental Management (CEM)
  • Conservation Science and Policy (CSP)
  • Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP)
  • Ecosystem Science and Management (ESM)
  • Energy and Environment (EE)
  • Environmental Health and Security (EHS)
  • Forest Resource Management (FRM)
  • Global Environmental Change (GEC)
  • Water and Air Resources (WAR)

3. Colorado State University - M.E. Civil Engineering with water resources focus

  • 30 semester hours with some distance learning courses, no thesis.

  • Environmental Science and Public Policy - "founded on the premise that the ability to form rational judgments concerning many of the complex challenges confronting society today involving the environment requires both an understanding of the underlying scientific and technical issues and an appreciation for the relevant economic, political, legal, historical, and ethical dimensions."

Water Resources Planning[edit]

Short Courses (professional education)[edit]

Water Resources Planning[edit]

USACE Short Courses for Planners (Reference):

  • Planning Orientation Workshop
  • Planning Process Workshop
  • Plan Formulation Workshop
  • Environmental Considerations in Planning
  • Economic Analysis in Planning
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Considerations in Planning
  • Public Involvement and Teaming in Planning

USEPA Short Courses