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Authors and Contributors[edit | edit source]

Details of permissions given to include content from other sites and documents is on the Credits and Permissions page.

Name Comment
Batjew Wrote almost everything to start, getting help now.
EugeneH Corrected mistakes and wrote the rest. User name is now Orage
Kwhitefoot Added: distinction between Type and Class, optimization of programs. Split into separate chapters. Added coding standards, case studies, optimization.
Elliot Spencer Contributed many examples from his web site:
Aadnk Some sections translated from the Norwegian Visual Basic WikiBook (by Kwhitefoot). Also wrote the Windows Dialogs chapter.
GUI Computing Pty Ltd/Mark Trescowthick Mark Trescowthick kindly gave permission for the [GUI Computing coding standards] and [Australian Visual Developers Forum] to be used, see Credits and Permissions.