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This is where you will find all the documentation regarding permissions to use material from other sites and documents.

GUI Computing Pty Ltd/Mark Trescowthick

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Copy of email giving permission for use of coding standards and forum content.


In answer to both emails. 

1. Copyright. All we would require is a general statement on the contents page,
we certainly wouldn't wish the effort on you of somehow trying to keep track of
AVDF content page by page... that would render it pretty much unusable I should
have thought! A link to would be nice if that doesn't cause any stress.

2. Licensing. Having reviewed your licensing arrangements, I can confirm that
GUI Computing Pty Ltd, owner of all copyrights in the material contained both
on and in the GUI Coding standards, agrees for you to use our above
referenced work under terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

3. Contribution. Keep me in the loop as the project moves forward. I shall mention
it to my developers at our next meeting... these days, of course, most of them are
.NET hotshots who consider VB "legacy", but there are a couple who might be interested.

Finally, if you need anything in addition to the above, please yell. 

All the best, 


> -----Original Message----- 
> From: Kevin Whitefoot [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, 28 September 2005 4:31 AM 
> To: Mark Trescowthick 
> Cc: 
> Subject: RE: Visual Basic Classic WikiBook 
> I've just skimmed the coding standards document.  I think 
> that it would be 
> perfect addition.  It is similar in many ways to the corporate coding 
> standards in force (though not enforced) at the company where 
> I work.  I 
> can't use ours without rephrasing it completely because in such a big 
> company there is no one with the authority to allow it, 
> anyway, your's is 
> much better written. 
> The Wikimedia project is a bit paranoid about copyrights and 
> so on so at 
> risk of sounding ridiculously finicky I think I should ask 
> for an explicit 
> statement from you that you are willing for the work to be 
> relicensed under 
> the GFDL.  Here is an excerpt from the Wikibooks boilerplate 
> request for 
> permission 
> ( 
> r_permission): 
> =====quote 
> However, we can only use your materials if you are willing to grant 
> permission for us to use your above referenced work under 
> terms of the GNU 
> Free Documentation License. This means anybody will have the 
> right to share 
> your materials and update them: for example, to keep up with new 
> information. You can read this license in full at: 
> (note: To keep things simple, we don't use Invariant 
> Sections, Front-Cover 
> Texts, or Back-Cover Texts) 
> The license also expressly protects authors "from being considered 
> responsible for modifications made by others" while ensuring 
> that authors 
> get credit for their work. There is more information on our 
> copyright policy 
> at: 
> =====end quote 
> Kevin Whitefoot 


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Jim Karabatsos 1996

Mark Trescowthick 2004

Copyright Notice © 1996 GUI Computing Pty Ltd

Elliot Spencer

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From : 	Elliot Spencer <>	
Sent : 	11 September 2005 13:48:26	
To : 	"'Kevin Whitefoot'" <>	
Subject : 	RE: VB tutorials	
	|		|		|	

You're welcome to use those bits from my site Kevin, I swapped over to
DotNet as soon as it came out so I don't use vb6 anymore, haven't for
some time. Sorry.


Elliot Spencer 

-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Whitefoot [] 
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 7:51 PM
Subject: VB tutorials

I'm editing the Visual Basic book on WikiBooks
( and I
if I might include some of your articles in it.

Of course if you felt like contributing to the book yourself that would
even better.

When I started adding to it I thought I would be one among many but it
that VB6 programmers are a shy and retiring lot.

Kevin Whitefoot.