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Author: Tinashe Matanda

In society hackers are seen as criminals and malicious people who would tend to cause more harm than good. In reality people should not mistake the good people from the bad. As the world goes into digital minds, people become open to more and more potential cyber threats. Imagine a bank that has workers that have absolutely no knowledge in cyber security, this could cause the owner of the bank to lose money. A hacker can get into the bank with a USB rubber ducky and mount it to one of the computers in the bank, thus far the rubber ducky will run malicious payloads on the computer leaving the bank severely damaged, If the workers themselves had been educated about the rubber duck then this could have been avoided. That's why Venom Academy has thought of writing this book to help teach the world out there about the secrets behind hackers. Before embarking on this journey please keep in mind that a number of lab exercises are given in this book and they require you to have a Kali Linux operating system. Please download it and install it in your computer or in a virtual box. The links are below.

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Kali homepage

VirtualBox website

  1. Introduction to Internet security and ethical hacking.
  2. Footprinting
  3. Scanning and Enumeration
  4. Password Attacks
  5. Denial of Service attacks and stress testing
  6. Sniffing
  7. Vulnerability Scanning
  8. Vulnerability Assessment