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Van Dwelling/Police

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Van Dwellers may find themselves interacting with law enforcement officers, for either good or bad reasons.

Illegally parked[edit | edit source]

If at all possible, one should never park illegally. In the event that one has parked illegal zone (not recommended), most officers will discontinue in progress citations if you bring to their attention that the vehicle, is in fact, occupied. The chances of success in this situation are increased if you act confused, apologetic, and give the impression that you plan to move the vehicle subsequently. (Observations surveyed summer of 2004 while living in a 1998 Black Honda Passport at the University of California at Davis.)

In areas with stricter enforcement this method may be much less effective. Do not rely on it to park willy nilly.

Crime[edit | edit source]

It can be handy to have the non-emergency number of the local police in whatever area you happen to be passing through so that should you be a victim of a crime, you can report it.