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VCE History Revolutions

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The Victorian Certificate of Education (Australia) contains several history courses both at Units 1/2 and Units 3/4. One such sequence is the History of Revolutions (Units 3 & 4) which provides for the detailed study of two of the four following Revolutions: the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution. The two Revolutions are to be chosen by the school, and may be studied in any order (one Revolution for each Unit). Both Units comprise two Areas of Study: Area of Study 1 - Revolutionary Ideas, Leaders, Movements and Events; and Area of Study 2 - Creating a New Society. Both Areas of Study must be covered for each Revolution.

This textbook aims to provide another source of general information, activities, questions, help and primary sources.

Table of contents[edit | edit source]

Chinese Revolution
Russian Revolution
American Revolution
French Revolution