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The following is a brief listing of Reynolds ERA Screen codes.

0064 (new) & 0066 (used)
Vehicle Purchases Journals (Accounting)
Automatically maps over to 4006
No fields for transmissions or color codes
0052 (new) & 0054 (used)
Vehicle Sales Journals
for trade-in vehicles
Vehicle Purchase screen
4006 (new) & 4008 (used)
Vehicle Maintenance Screen
Use this to enter in Factory Accessories, and Color codes, or modify the vehicle to better fit the invoice. Only needed if service that pulls directly from manufacturer is not enabled.
VU is the command code for the User Designed field. If it isn't there, you'll need to use screen 4167 or call the accounting group to set up user designed fields.
4061 (new) & 4062 (used)
Vehicle Inventory Summary
Aged Inventory Analysis
Inventory Status Analysis
Model Sales History
Used Vehicle Locations Report
Inventory entry screen
Enter and modify inventory
4158 (new) & 4162 (used)
Vehicle Status Codes
Print out the color code list
F&I main menu
User Designed field setup
6210 Maintain User Security[1]
Option four is used for application access and is used to grant access to different Reynolds screens.
Now displays a '#' for user password.[1]
6230 Security Specifications[1]
Used to permit user to specify whether passwords were encrypted.[1]
6910 Report Generator [2]
From this screen you can create new reports, save reports, print reports, and preview reports -- but only the first the first 1,000 lines[2] -- prevents third parties from screen scraping with the consent of the dealer. You can query items such as vehicle inventory, service history, customer information, and prospective customers.
Printer Maintenance
Hold and download print reports.
6975 Report Generator/Letterwriter Security
"6975 allows you better restrict or allow reports and files that can be accessed by users in 6910."[1]
ERALink Download
Access to this screen will allow reports created in 6910 to be downloaded by the ERALink software to the host PC in one of two formats:
Comma separated format
In the comma separated format, ERALink attempts to place delimiters in the appropriate locations for all fields, but often fails; leaving the user to define placement manually, by clicking and dragging columns.
Vertical format
A proprietary vertical format can be chosen when creating or modifying a report by selecting yes when asked to enter a special format, and yes again for option five. The vertical format displays selected fields and their values, each on a new line, with a set number of new lines between records. There tends to be inconsistencies between Reynolds versions.
ERALink Query Builder
ERALink I-Descriptor Editor


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