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Notices and other stuff[edit]

Somewhat active again, see Projects below for where I'll be working.

Useful Links[edit]

Mostly for my use, but also because some of these are hard to find:

Contact Me[edit]

  • AIM: XerolOplan
  • ICQ: 125672905
  • MSN:
  • Yahoo: xerol3
  • My Wikipedia userpage. Even when I'm inactive I still read wikipedia so if you post on my talk page, I'll get the notice.

I'm also on the Wikibooks IRC channel most of the time.


Diagrams and Illustrations[edit]

I'll be making nice vector diagrams whereever helpful, probably putting them up on commons.

My Cleanup Tasks[edit]

See User:Xerol/Cleanup.


General Template Cleanup[edit]

SoftwareVersion templates and Manual of Style[edit]

Working on templates for use in the SoftwareVersions project.


Feel free to comment in each section; feedback is always appreciated, especially if I'm wrong.