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This new page does not currently exist, and you may start creating a new book here. Here is how to create a new book:

  1. Create your Table of Contents (TOC): Edit the textbox below to be the new TOC for your book. Fill in the blank areas, according to the instructions. If your browser supports Javascript and you would like an easier way to do this, consider using Whiteknight's Book Designer Gadget.
  2. Create your navigation template: Navigation templates help keep all the pages in your book looking the same. They also help readers quickly navigate between pages. Consider building your new template at Template:Whiteknight/New Book Instr/Page. For help, try using Whiteknight's Template Creator Gadget. Make sure to include your new template in the TOC, below.
  3. Create your book's category. All the pages, templates, and images in your book should belong to the same category, so that they can all stay organized. For ease, your page navigation template should contain your category tag, so that pages will automatically be categorized when you use the template. Consider creating your books's category at Category:Whiteknight/New Book Instr. For assistance in creating categories, see Wikibooks:Categories, or ask at the New Books Staff Lounge.

For more information about starting a new book, see Help:How to start a book, and Whiteknight's New Book Guide. For questions, ask Whiteknight or post a question at the Staff Lounge.


If your browser is Javascript enabled, consider installing Whiteknights Categorization javascript. If you do, a box will appear below to help you properly categorize your new book. Select the subject area of your book and click "Categorize".

You are creating a new book using Whiteknight's New Book Creator Gadget. Before you click the "Save Page" button, make sure to follow all the instructions between the <!-- and --> tags.

For a detailed guide about starting new books, see Whiteknight's New Book Guide.

For additional help or questions, post a message at Whiteknight's user talk page.