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Naming Conventions

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It is important at the offset of a new book for the originial contributor to pick a naming scheme and to stick to it. I am a strong advocate of the "Forward Slash" convention, and I also am an advocate of a flat naming scheme. Granted, there are other ways to name a book, but pick one and stick to it.

Template Names

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Make sure that all the book-specific templates that you use in your book have the title of your book in the name of the template. This will help ensure that other people don't try to hijack your templates, and it will also ensure that you won't be taking away template space from other projects. Instead of {{Page Header}}, use something like {{Signals and Systems Page}}.

Templates that are used in the book should be named either: "Template:<<BOOKNAME>>/<<TEMPLATE NAME>>", "Template:<<BOOKNAME>> <<TEMPLATE NAME>>", or something similar. I prefer the first form, although several of my earlier books still imploy the second form.

Category Names

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Also, make sure any categories that you create for use with your book are named appropriately. The category names that you employ should mirror the title of your book, or use the title of your book as a prefix. That way, everybody knows that your category goes with your book, and you also aren't stealing any namespace from other books who might need it.