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Due to a severe shortage of time, I am no longer able to be an active member of the Wikibooks project. Please see my page for more details about my absense. I will continue to monitor my talk page for correspondence and will try to reply quickly when possible.

This page will serve as a general catalog for me so that I can index related pages in the books that I am working on. Material here is not necesssarily intended to be a part of any particular book, and information here may be removed or altered without warning. Unauthorized edits to this page may be reverted without notice.

Laplace Transform[edit]

Fourier Transform[edit]


Assembly Language Programming[edit]

Theory of Partial Fractions[edit]

Phasors (Complex Numbers)[edit]


3-Phase Systems[edit]

Block Diagrams[edit]

Bode Plots[edit]

Nyquist Plots[edit]

  • Image:Nyquist-pt2-var.png
  • Image:Nyquist-pt2.png

Step Response[edit]