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I, like most everyone, have several tenets which guide my actions.

Logic and God[edit]

One tenet is that if logic were accepted as superior to God[1] and put into place as the basis for any system then the system would eventually have to be turned over to the control of a computer since computers are known to be potentially superior to humans in the number of variables they can handle; depriving humans the right of autonomy and taking that right for themselves.[2] The problem with doing that is a computer is limited in the number of variables it can handle compared not to humans but to God. A computer can not handle nearly quite so many.[3] Therefore God remains the superior choice upon which to base any system.

Food and Exercise[edit]

The stomach and the heart(pump) are organs of the body under constant warfare with each other. In the end if the stomach wins you do not.

Smoking and the EARTH[edit]

In additions to stopping humans from smoking there is a need to stop the EARTH from smoking.

HIGH tech startup facilities necessary to produce commercial grades and volume of biochar, bio-oil and syngas from municipal and agricultural organic waste requires a minimum investment of at least $100,000 per unit. LOW tech production can be started for much less.

Finding individuals and funding in each city or town to help get a high tech system started in the local community will stop the EARTH from smoking.

Living within your means[edit]

Borrow less than you invest, invest less than you save, when possible, save more than you spend and always spend less than you earn.


  1. Logical definition of God: "The first entity to have reduced to minimum form instantaneously an infinite (unbounded) number of logical equations with an infinite number variables having an infinite number of states." God exists logically therefore by definition in the same sense that by definition the center of a circle, sphere or barycenter exists or that an asymptote can be known. Faith being that which transcends reason based on hard, cold fact by a mind unable to process an unlimited number of variables.
  2. A similar condition already exists for some with money. In their thinking money can handle more variables than they so they have allowed money to confiscate their autonomy and take their autonomy for itself. However, God can still handle more variables than money.
  3. For more details behind this reasoning you will find them here.