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A Little About Myself[edit]

Hi! Welcome to my about the author page. My name is Tiffany Washington and I am a PreK-3 major. I currently live in Norfolk, Virginia, but when I am not I live in Yorktown, Virginia. I recently moved into a new house with my mother, sister, and nephew. I love our new house because it is very close to the beach and I love the water. I love the summer time mainly because my favorite holiday takes place during it: my birthday. I am a very outgoing person. I love to have fun with my friends and family and I am always up for new things. I have a wonderful boyfriend that I have been with for over a year now. My favorite colors are Purple and Hot Pink and my favorite television show is the Cosby Show. When I become a teacher I would love to teach a kindergarten classroom. I love being around kids and I can’t wait to make a living being around them daily.


My Philosophy on Education[edit]

In my opinion, a great teacher is someone who takes pride in their job and focuses on the children and doesn’t worry so much about making money. A great teacher loves coming to work each and everyday just to fill a students mind with the fundamentals he or she may need to become more educated and prosper in life. Great teachers love interacting with their students and making the children feel welcomed and loved. They also, do everything possible to make sure the students understand what they are learning in any way possible; ex: hands-on activities, field trips, etc.

A bad teacher, on the other hand, takes little pride in their work. Bad teachers, teach in a very “boring” way, either straight out of the book or their style is very confusing and hard to comprehend. Bad teachers don’t worry as much about whether the student understands, as they do about presenting the information and testing the student on it. Bad teachers are not hard to spot because there is a very rare amount of great ones.