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Teachtheworld (talk) 08:40, 25 January 2009 (UTC)Quick Overview

My name is Tyler J. Johnson! I was born in Alexandria, Virginia April 20th 1989. I was the first of two children that my Mother, Windy Johnson and Father, Jack Johnson gave birth to and raised. I am biracial my Mother being white of European decent and my Father being African American. My Mother was born and raised in Laguna Beach, California while my Father was born and raised in Dumfries, Virginia. They have been together since they were fifteen and are still very strong. With my Father's family being here in northern Virginia and my Mother's family being in southern California it is very hard to see both at the same time. As for for my siblings I have one younger brother who was born June 2nd 1993. My brother is a hand full and could be really hard to handle at times. He loves to skateboard and find himself getting into mischief. When I am not in school I am at home with my family in Woodbridge, Virginia. Woodbridge is very close to the nations capitol, being ten minutes outside of Washington, D.C. My family and I are very close but at the same time exhibit complete opposite likes and dislikes.


Elementary School- Antietam Elementary

Middle School or Junior High- Lakeridge Middle

High School- Woodbridge Senior High School, graduated in 2007

College- Northern Virginia Community College then transferred to Old Dominion University


As a child I was very active in athletics. My first recreational sport was soccer at the age of ten. For it being my first time ever playing an organized sport I was very good at it, making the "All Star" team my first season. As I soon grew out of soccer I ventured into playing football. Again in my first season in playing football I was a stand out player. During middle school I again took the roll in playing not one but two different sports basketball and track and field. I found myself not so interested in playing basketball and soon found out that I was in love with track and field. Track and field became my passion and sport of choice. When running track I felt connected emotionally and saw myself exceeding past the other competition during track meets. As I grew I saw myself growing with the sport physically and emotionally. When I entered high school I was at the top of my game, keeping up with the seniors was an easy task for me. Although I don't run track still to this day I frequently go out and just run for the fun of it. Other than sports being my main hobby I enjoy traveling. I have traveled domestically and internationally, I have found that traveling internationally is more exciting and adventuress. the place that I enjoyed visiting the most is Cancun, Mexico. I feel that exhibiting other cultures besides your own is an experience everyone should do once in their life time. I love to travel with family rather than myself, it's always better to experience things like traveling with your loved ones.

Philosophy on Teaching

My philosophy on teaching may not be the typical way of teaching. I see teaching as being a fun, entertaining, and attention capturing experience. As new generations enter the schooling systems they have different methods of being entertained compared to those ways of the past. Today's generation of children simply can't be taught by lecture anymore they wont pay attention and most importantly wont learn the material. I believe in order to get the material needed across to the student the student needs to be in tune with the instructor and how the material is being presented to them. The students attention must be grasped, with that being successfully completed I believe that a student will be all eyes and ears to the instructor when the material is being taught. By doing fun activities that keep the students entertained but learning at the same time is the best way, I believe, to succeed with todays generation and being able to learn the material needed. Participating in games or team challenges was always one of my favorite ways of learning what i needed to know for upcoming quizzes or tests. I think that if a teacher is interactive with his/her students then those students pay attention to their teacher, which to me is a main goal to achieve. Through my personal experiences I have noticed myself paying more attention in classes where the teacher was interactive with me. With that being said, teachers who were dull and just talked the whole class period tended not only to lose my attention but the whole classes. To be a successful teacher with todays generation I believe a teacher needs to be interactive, fun, entertaining, and at the same time helpful.

Teachtheworld (talk) 08:36, 25 January 2009 (UTC)