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About the Author:

Hello everyone! I'm super excited to take this course. My name is Edgardo "gary" Castro, born and raised in the Philippines. Currently, I'm teaching third grade in one of the rural school districts here in Virginia. Below is the chronological timeline of my education, and WHY I ended up teaching in the USA.

  • High School - Margosatubig Academy- Philippines - Class of 1996
  • College - Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City, Philippines - Class of 2000
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Mathematics

Teacher Trainings/Certifications/Post Baccaluareate Degrees:

  • 21st Century Japan-Philippines Teacher Training Programme- Tokyo, Japan - 2001
  • Globalization in Education- Teacher Training- HongKong, China - 2002
  • Post BA in Special Education MA credits- Philippine Normal University, Manila - 2002-2004

Who brought me here in the United States? The Visiting International Faculty (VIF) Program- I was assigned to teach in one of the suburban school districts in North Carolina -2004-2007

  • Certification: Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)- TEFL International, Thames, New Zealand- 2006
  • Certification: Gifted Education Endorsement Courses- University of Virginia (UVA)- 2007- Present

My Teaching Philosophy:

When I first started teaching way back in 2000, I'd say that my teaching philosophy was based on eclectic method, a mixed/varied teaching philosophies because I cannot decide to only one. Moreover, the experiences that I've earned through the years in teaching have changed my views in the field of education specifically through professional development, teacher trainings that I attended in different countries, and the methodology, the types of assessment, and classroom managemnet skills have change over certain period of time.

Presently, if you asked me what my teaching philosophy right now, I'd gladly say that it is based on a student centered approach wherein I foresee each and every CHILD as the center of the teaching and learning. My knowledge and experience, specially in the areas of English as Second Language (ESL), Special Education, and Gifted Education will serve as guide in fulfilling my philosophy throughout the years, ofcourse continuing professional development is also one key to be successfull. In addition, COMMITMENT, DEDICATION, and SELF-EFFICACY to me are the stronghold characteristics that will help me stand in times of hardship and difficult moments both in and out of the classroom.

Above: That's me and my dog-Twizel (Australian blue heeler- a herding dog!)

Photo: (left) The famous "Philippine Pansit"

Photo: (right) Brenda/Gary@Old Market, Las Vegas 2008