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White needs Blue, Blue needs Green and Green needs White, to stand up.

My main scientific discoveries:

An engineer idea: How to make electric cars that take us as far as we want?

We need to rent the batteries and to exchange in a gas station a discharged battery against a charged one. Gas stations would sell electricity. The rental companies would rent a right of use on their battery stock. They must entrust each gas station with enough batteries to meet the demand.

So that consumers can not take advantage of the system to exchange old batteries for new ones, it is necessary that each battery be identified, by an electronic signal for example, and that each exchange of a discharged battery against a charged one we can verify that the returned battery is the one that was entrusted the previous time.

It is also necessary that electric cars be designed so that the batteries can be exchanged without much effort.

Since the initial investment is high, stocks of batteries in each gas station, we could start on a small scale on a busy highway.

The stock of batteries could be the shared property of all the rental companies, who would have to supply and renew it according to the number of usage rights they rent.

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A path of an unpredictable system (Chua), is it chaos or order?