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How much is Recommended?[edit]

Men Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) Women Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI)
19-30 yr. 1000mg / day 19-30 yr. 1000mg / day.
31-51 yr. 1000mg / day 31-50 yr. 1000mg / day.
51-70 yr. 1000mg / day 51-70 yr. 1300mg / day.
> 70 yr. 1300mg / day > 70 yr. 1300mg / day.

(Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) Sourced from [1]

So how many glasses of Milk?[edit]

The most commonly thought of calcium source that comes to mind when we’re asked to consider dietary calcium intake is dairy products, and the recommended intake can certainly be obtaining in this way.

Serves of Dairy/ day required to obtain RDI
19-50 yrs. 51-70 yrs. >70 yrs.
Males 2 1/2 serves 2 1/2 serves 3 1/2 serves
Females 2 1/2 serves 4 serves 4 serves

Where else can Calcium be found?[edit]

Food Source Calcium Content % RDI (1300mg)/ 100g
Per 100g Per Serving
Almonds 250mg/ 100g 75mg/ 30g 19% RDI/ 100g
Broccoli 33mg/ 100g 43mg/ 1 cup 2% RDI/ 100g
Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese 950mg/ 100g 269mg/ 28g 73% RDI 100g
Almond (Chocolate) Milk 251mg/ 100g 502mg/ 1 cup 19% RDI/ 100g
Yoghurt, Natural 244mg/ 100mL 488mg/ 200mL 18% RDI/ 100g
Pak Choy (Dark Leafy Green Veg) 123mg/ 100g 822mg/ 1 head (840g) 9% RDI/ 100g
Pink Salmon, Canned (with edible bones) 310mg/ 100g 310mg/ 1 tin (100g) 23% RDI/ 100g
Chia Seeds 631mg/ 100g 180mg/ 30g 49% RDI/ 100g
Sesame Seeds 975mg/ 100g 390mg/ 30g 75% RDI/ 100g
Tahini (Sesame Seed Paste) 426mg/ 100g 121mg/ 30g 32% RDI/ 100g
Soy Beans 277mg/ 100g 515mg/ 1 cup 21% RDI/ 100g
Fortified Soy Products e.g. Tofu 320mg/ 100g 48mg/ piece (13g) 24% RDI/ 100g
Rhubarb 26mg/ 100g 105mg/ cup (122g) 2% RDI/ 100g
Whey Powder 796mg/ 100g 64mg/ tbsp 61% RDI/ 100g


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Calcium and Osteoporosis[edit]

What is Osteoporosis?[edit]

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare[1] defines osteoporosis as the onset of reduced bone density resulting in the formation of pores or holes in the bone structure resulting in the development of weak bones.

Who Does it Typically Effect?[edit]


Why is Osteoporosis Risk Affected by Age?[edit]


With Reduced Estrogen Hormone

Dietary Calcium[edit]

Why is Calcium Important?[edit]

Calcium is one of the most essential

How much Calcium is Suggested?[edit]

According to ADG

The Eat for Health... 1300mg

What does 1300mg of Calcium look like?[edit]

The NHMRC highlights

Men and Women RDI (Table)

How many Serves of Dairy is that?[edit]

No. of Serves of Dairy (Table)

Where else can Dietary Calcium be found?[edit]

For More Information[edit]

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