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About the Author[edit]

My name is Timothy Neumann, a current third year Nutrition and Dietetics student at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

From a young age i have been surrounded by food and cooking. A passion stemming from my mothers interest in Nutrition and Cooking. Eventually at the right age, of 13 years old, i was given the opportunity to begin my adventure working throughout multiple different kitchens from the Melbourne CBD to the Yarra Valley Victoria, working along some incredible chefs, feeding my thirst for knowledge, and doing what i loved in the weekends away from secondary school. Now, not only am i loving finding new ways to obtain a balanced diet through experimenting in the kitchen, but through my tertiary nutrition studies, i'm loving learning about the nutrient components contained in various varieties of food, what those nutrients do and how they play a role in the human body.

The particular focus of my nutritional education program 'Osteoporosis and Diversifying Daily Calcium Intake' looks at ways in which we can obtain interesting, tasty, different nutritious calcium sources rather than merely dairy products. The intended purpose is highlighting the significance of dietary calcium, its imperative role in body, particularly bone health and why it is important to enhance calcium intake as individuals progress into older age. This is the first addition to what may commence a series of educational resources, sharing with the world my insight to nutritious food and food alternatives from a perspective of a budding dietetics student.

I would like to emphasize that any suggestions and/or advice made on my Wikibook, (although supported by reliable external resources) are that of my insight as a nutrition student. Material provided here is of a general nature and should not be intended to replace or undermine individualised medical or professional advice provided by a practicing dietitian. Always consult a health professional before making any significant health/lifestyle changes.