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Lindsay K. Simmons

"Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own," Carol Burnett

My husband and I on my birthday, Jan 19 2009
Anabelle in San Diego Jan 2009
My graduation from VCU with Adam

All About me

I was born here in Newport News, VA and went to school at Poquoson HS. As an Army brat I traveled alot growing up to include; China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Mexico, Carribean Islands and all over the US. I graduated HS in 2001 and left to pursue a BS in Equestrian Studies and Business at Averett University in Danville, VA; as my mom puts it I rode horses and partied for two years...lucky me. Anyways I took a journalism class my second year and decided that was my passion. I transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University in RVA and graduated two years ago with a BS in Mass Communications: Print Journalism/International Relations. I married my wonderful husband the same weekend I graduated from VCU (trust me it was crazy) and we have a gorgeous, happy 16-month-old daughter, Anabelle and a hyper 3-year-old Boston Terrier named Ellie.


I am a Government Contractor for an Army Recruiting Company in Hampton, VA. My dream job would have been to work for the Army's Advertising and Public Affairs section, but considering the economy/lack of open jobs I decided to go back to school. My mom (who is an elementary school art teacher in York County) actually suggested teaching, which I have always loved; so I'm at ODU obtaining my teaching certification for high school English and Journalism.

My philosophy on teaching....

As a teacher you want your students to learn. The best moments in teaching come when the student has the "light bulb" moment, you forget the pains and long discussions you had with that student trying to help them understand because they finally "get it". I was a riding instructor throughout college and terribly miss it, I realize teaching children in the school system will be different, but the same principles still apply. When one of my kids was able to canter on their own or took their first verticle jump, the look on their faces and excitement they had after completing that action was exciting because I helped them accomplish that goal! I love it!

Specifically for teaching I want my students to learn through experiences, I don't want their learning to be based on constant reading; I want activities and reactions to aid them in understanding topics. I think group work and projects are a large aid for learning.

Anabelle 7 months old Disney World 2008
Anabelle & Ellie playing