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According to the European Commission, in most of the European countries, absence from work and early withdrawal from work due to mental problems have increased in recent years [1]. Health costs and losing productivity is more than 450 billion € per year [2]. The society is aware that mental health is a growing problem that needs attention and systematic prevention. Unfortunately, public health care systems are far too focused on treatment of mental illness and prevention, for example in terms of stress management courses, psycho-therapy and minor tranquilizers is far too narrow. What is needed is an integrated multiphase primary prevention of mental illness and reduced welfare with focus on the workplaces [3].

  • The task is to investigate and describe how an integrated multiphase primary prevention of mental illness with focus on the workplaces can be done. Search and report the scientific literature (total time consume 4-6 hours per person)
  • (report in English or Spanish) add the report here and/or in the Dropbox Archives below.
  • Archive for the reports in supplemental courses

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