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Contributions with new knowledge of the residents in the specialisation program. The working groups will take the items one by one and make a short systematic review study: Define the object, search scientific references in PubMed and Google Scholar and construct small papers for the occupational medical wiki book.

Title ...[edit | edit source]

The completion of the review project:[edit | edit source]

Author Group:

Tareas Start date End date Notes
1. Complete the research courses start date End date Notes
2. Define the objective start End date Notes
3. Drafting the manuscript search and refer the literature Start date End date
5. Analysis of the data Start date End date Notes
6. Drafting article in the IMRAD-structure (250-500 words) Start date End date Notes
7. Keep references only peer-reviewed articles Start date End date Notes
8. Publication the Occupational Medical Wikibook Start date End date Notes
9. Presentation at conference Start date End date Notes

Project meetings [edit | edit source]

The supplemental program is compulsory for both the Residency and the CSS occupational medical physicians upgrade program and include the following training modules: During the introductory and main education, knowledge of jobs and risk assessment at workplace visits is obtained. Company and industry knowledge must be obtained in collaboration with CSS. An indicative number of company visits is 10 visits. The special theoretical courses comprise in total 580 course hours and will be able to extend throughout the course of the education. The occupational medical residents will be asked as part of their education to help to develop these modules. The electronic Research tools 1 is needed to go through first including edition of the Wiki pages and creation of an account. Create Your Account to edit .

Methods for company visits and risk assessment- open here[edit | edit source]

Notification to the authorities of occupational diseases and accidents and daily record of patients[edit | edit source]

Mental health risk assessment and prevention in the workplaces [edit | edit source]

Injury risk assessment and prevention - methods[edit | edit source]

Ergonomic risk assessment and management - open here[edit | edit source]

Clinical occupational medicine - diagnosis, prognosis and prevention [edit | edit source]

Environmental health risk assessment and prevention - open here[edit | edit source]

International Health strategies applied - open here[edit | edit source]

Research project Management - open here[edit | edit source]

Health Promotion at the workplace - open here[edit | edit source]

National Health Economics - open here[edit | edit source]

Toxicology and hygiene risk assessment and prevention - open here[edit | edit source]

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