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To do[edit]

C Sharp Programming[edit]

  • Complete moving pages from Programming:C sharp to C Sharp Programming, per WB:NP and the C# book name discussion. (Template:C sharp/kw uses many pages under [[Programming:C sharp/Keywords/]].)
  • Organize sections to cover everything in the ECMA spec.
  • Review for MS-centric vs. ECMA-centric terminology.
  • Add at least one example for each keyword.
  • Describe exception handling.
  • Describe inheritance and partial types in C Sharp Programming/Classes.
  • Describe interfaces and delegates.
  • Describe versioning.
  • Describe external aliases.
  • Describe attributes.
  • Describe generics.
  • Describe anonymous methods.
  • Describe iterators.
  • Describe nullable types.
  • Describe lock.
  • Describe yield.
  • Describe qualified alias, e.g. global::SomeClass.
  • Describe abstract, sealed, override, virtual, overloading.
  • Describe readonly, volatile.
  • Add C Sharp Programming links to table in Computer programming#Programming Concepts.