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Come to Sardinia
Come to Sardinia
Look the Southern Pleiades
Look the Southern Pleiades
Enjoy the Southern Cross
Enjoy the Southern Cross
Explore the Large Magellanic Cloud
Explore the Large Magellanic Cloud

Hi! I'm italian; my main account is in it.wikipedia, and is available at this link. I'm also an admin and a bureaucrat on that project. I'm available also on Commons and italian Wikibooks, plus (rarely) on several wikipedias in other languages.

I write here expecially on astronomy-related articles; on I like to write about deep-sky objects, visible on both the celestial hemispheres, and mainly about open clusters and bright nebulae (star forming regions).

Here I'm the author of the books Observing the Sky from 40°N and Observing the Sky from 30°S. On italian Wikibooks I have written a book about the amateur astronomy, Osservare il cielo (Watching the sky), a featured book in that wikiproject, and the atlas Osservare il cielo da 40°N.

So, last but not least, remember that:
- Today is Friday, 14 June 2024.
- While you are losing your time reading my user page, the english Wikibooks has at this moment 98,399 pages.