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All About ME!!![edit]

My name is Megan. I am originally from Suffolk, but live in Norfolk now while I am going to school. I graduated from King's Fork High School in 2006. I love to play soccer and have been playing since I was 12. I also enjoy riding horses on occasion, but school makes that hard. I work at the Virginia Beach Resort and Hotel off Shore Drive as a banquet server and also soccer referee during the fall and spring seasons. Since I have been at ODU I have changed my major 3 times. As of now, my final decision for my major is Interdisiplinary Studies PreK-6. I love being around children, so I believe I have finally found something I want to do with my life. That sums it up for me!

My Philosophy of Education[edit]

It is important for every child to have an education whether they have special needs or not. Everyone should be allowed an equal opportunity to learn. I would teach by the VA SOL Standards, but make sure that real life events and situations were adapted into the curriculum. Secondary school should emphasize college prep because it will help them in the long run. As a teacher I would emphasize creativity and critical thinking. I believe students should maintain their identity and by having them do individual work it will help build their critical thinking skills by not having to rely on a peer for answers. It is also good for them to work in groups because the interaction will let students deliberate and communicate their own opinions. Self evaluation as well as peer review assists students in their progression process. It is vital to have communication with parents, other teachers, and students to gain insight and execute the best possible teaching methods and practices. I do not expect that every child taught will be willing to learn and cooperate in the classroom, but I will do everything I can for anyone that needs it until I can not give anymore. The education process is long and tedious, but with the right mindset and passion anyone can make a difference.